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What to see from the movies Saturday night: ”Woman on Fire” (2018)


We rarely offer dramatic masterpieces for viewing, but we could not pass by this creation of UK filmmakers in silence. Therefore, today, to everyone who is faced with a choice of what to watch from the films on Saturday night, we recommend her, Jake Scott's drama "Woman on Fire" (2018).

A few words about the title and background

The English title of the film is "American Woman", that is, "American Woman". It is not entirely clear what the name change is connected with, but this is not our business, but those who buy the rights to display it on the territory of our country. Apparently, they had reasons for this, primarily due to commercial success.

But if you look at it, the painted portrait of the main character is perfect not only for American reality. Watching a movie is like plunging into the daily routine of any average USA single mother. The same problems with money, with work, relations with relatives and other social sphere - all this applies to our, domestic, modern reality.

The past drama entitled "Sorry, we didn't find you" immersed us in the reality of the average man in the UK, this one will plunge into the realities of the life of North American citizens. And they shoot all this - they themselves. So, everyone who, splashing saliva, claims that living abroad is a hundred times easier than in the hated "Rashka", welcome to watch.

But the film itself, of course, is not about that. Or, not really about that.

What the film "Woman on Fire" is about

First of all, the film is about the relationship of people, about how difficult it is for a woman to find a worthy soul mate in modern society. Some are just lucky to get on a good and faithful person the first time. Or maybe it took them more time to “search and recognize”. We are watching the English-language trailer.

One way or another, the main character named Deborah was given a lot of time, only until she was 32 years old she was looking in the wrong direction. I wanted to live for myself, but to have fun in full. Despite the fact that she already has a 16-year-old daughter, Bridget, whom she "walked up" at 16, such a riotous life suits her perfectly. Mom is quite self-sufficient, works in a local supermarket, does not receive a lot of money, but she has enough to live on.

My daughter, one might say so, repeated the "feat" of her mother and also gave birth at an early age and now she has a small child. At one point, the daughter goes for an evening walk with friends and disappears. Since then, the grandmother has again been forced to become a mother and her time to search for "worthy" men has sharply limited, if not completely disappeared.


She is fired from work for absenteeism (she has to sit with her child, and even run around to look for her daughter), there is nothing to pay for the house. Relatives, although they live nearby, can hardly help, and it is not in the nature of Deborah to beg. Mother drips on the brain on one side, sister on the other. Everyone is trying to teach life.

There are many challenges ahead for Deborah. There will be more men in her life, and there will be assholes. And throughout the film, she will hope that her daughter will be found. Whether her hopes come true or not, we will learn from the film itself.

Pros and cons of painting

Not to say that the film is particularly atmospheric, but everything that screenwriter Brad Ingelsby and director Jake Scott wanted to convey to the viewer, they did. And quite worthy. The role of Deborah was played by Sienna Miller, familiar to us from the films Casanova, Layer Cake and Interview. And she coped with her task perfectly.

Of the minuses, we can't single out anything special. It can be seen that the film cannot boast of a particularly bloated budget. Hence the lack of atmosphere and extras. This is the case when a decent movie is made for a penny, that is, something that many modern filmmakers should learn from. You empathize with people. You believe in their fate. Isn't this the main criterion for any good film?


And, yes, the well-known and beloved "Mr. Pinkman" from "Breaking Bad" - Adrienne Paul also took part in the film. He played his own, of course, with a bang. But this time he got the same role. You will see the details in the movie "Woman on Fire" itself.


Anyone interested in our advice on what to watch from the films this weekend is advised to follow the link below to watch the film.

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Have a great weekend and lots of cool movies and TV shows!

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