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What to see from the movies on Saturday night: ”In the tall grass” (2019)


Today's film, which we want to recommend for our readers to watch, will not go to everyone. In particular, we ask you not to start viewing this masterpiece for people suffering from all sorts of phobias associated with the limited environment. Since the tape, which we want to recommend for watching for those who cannot decide what to watch from the films, everything happens in the tall grass, over which it is impossible to jump or get out of it.

How the heroes ended up "In the tall grass"

The film is based on the story of the same name by the master of horror filmsStephen Kingand he was son. The story begins with the fact that a woman named Becky travels with her brother to the other end of the country to give her child, who, by the way, is pregnant (at 6 months) for adoption by strangers.

Travis, Becky's former boyfriend, did not live up to her hopes, turned out to be an indistinct and vague bumpy guy who, as it were, decided to “withdraw from the problem”, so the young woman decided to give up the child, being afraid to raise him alone. p>

Sounds a little clumsy, but in general, if you discard all the dramatic snot, it is.

Somewhere along the road, in the state of Nevada, famous for its endless fields, Becky becomes ill, and his brother stops the car on the side of the road so that his sister does not vomit in the car. Before they have time to get out into the fresh air, they hear from somewhere out of the tall grass that stands on both sides of the highway as an endless wall, a childish boy's voice calling for their help.


The guy shouts that, they say, he got lost. She and her mom and dad went to help out some guy who was also lost in the tall grass, and everyone got lost. Now they can neither find each other nor leave the field.

Dumb brother Becky immediately rushes to the rescue at breakneck speed, without even bothering to understand what such a moronic act can lead to. Moreover, Becky herself also turned out to be that brake, and she also entered the grass, which marked the beginning of their mystical and horror wanderings across the endless field of tall grass.

What's so interesting about In the Tall Grass?

Will the heroes stagger aimlessly on this grass for the whole film, like restless ones? No dear ones. The grass around is not easy. Its roots are somehow connected to a massive artifact that resembles a lonely rock in the middle of a field. This strange "rock-grass" "symbiotic duo" has tremendous power and abilities related not only to space, but alsoover time.


Otherwise, how to explain that Becky's boyfriend, Travis, who went in search of them a few months after their disappearance, fell into the grass before the disappeared? And it was he who was that lost and screaming idiot who lured mother, father and boy into the grass, whose voice, in turn, lured Becky and Brother into the tall grass.

Such is the pun. And it is quite clear that if you run into this rock, it is better not to touch it. But ...

In general, let's watch the trailer.

Further retelling will turn our bloated synopsis into one huge spoiler, so let's stop there.

What's good?

Not to say that the film is such a horror movie, but in general it looks with great interest. Even those who, having decided to watch "In the Tall Grass", will be dissatisfied with the film at the end, there will be no desire to turn it off in the middle, since the picture is of interest without anyone. There is no such thing that at some point you, suddenly, didn't even want to know what will happen at the end.

And the ending will be very interesting - without any. This is one of those cases where the ending of the King's film came out not entirely useless.

What's wrong?

For more than an hour and a half of screen time, the scriptwriters have not been able to more or less clearly register the personalities of the main characters. But everything is concealed by the fact that it was especially and unnecessary.


The action is based not so much on the drama between the participants, but on the expectation of what surprises the “mystical-symbiotic” duet “rock-grass” will bring us.


This is how we got a mysterious but informative synopsis. A further description of the film "In the Tall Grass" will bring not so much interest, as we have already said, but spoilers. And, despite the fact that the film received only 5.7 rating points on KinoPoisk, it is still worth watching.

Therefore, we just wish you a pleasant viewing. And to watch the film "In the Tall Grass" for free and without any searches, you can simply follow the link:

"In the tall grass" online

We wish you a great mood, not too much intimidation and, as always, more cool movies and TV series!

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