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What to see from the movies on Saturday night. ”Isn't it romantic?” (2019)


This lovely Saturday night we will be watching the comedy directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson "Isn't It Romantic?" Few people are not familiar with his painting "A Deadly Christmas for Harold and Kumar." And now we offer for viewing another masterpiece of the hand of this master.


Ever since childhood, my mother told Natalie, her fat daughter, that the lot of everyone who was not born in families of rich people is to drag out the unenviable existence of a third-rate personality, which, allegedly, even if she tries, will not let the established system.

So a plump woman has grown out of a little girly-plump woman, in whose head all her mother's advice, principles and moralizing are stacked in a pile, which Natalie follows from and to. Working in the office, she constantly justifies herself in front of everyone and is pushed by everyone. In a word, no one perceives her there, not that for a person, for a normal person.

Except, perhaps, the only friend - a lover of old long-playing soap operas, and a young man who is clearly not indifferent to her, but whose hints she does not take seriously.

In general, her life is a continuous monotonous routine, in which she has to constantly wipe after everyone, clean up, please everyone, in a word, lick something that is below the waist in the back. Girl "give-bring", let's say.

What's next?

One fine day, a rich moneybag, a co-owner of the firm, is so handsome that all the fairer sex is drooling from one of his kind.


But Natalie, although she understands that nothing will shine for her, is preparing to present her ambitious project at the meeting. But as soon as she enters the office, she is immediately sent for coffee. Everything is as usual.

After the failure of the presentation of the project, Natalie and her friend, riding in a car, had a conversation "on the nerves" during which they got into an accident, and our main character ends up in the hospital.

Natalie woke up in some kind of parallel world. As it turned out, she got into a parody of the melodramatic TV series that her friend dries on.


Here she has an excellent life, a huge apartment with an extensive wardrobe, a handsome millionaire dries over it. But her friend became her worst enemy. In general, everything is not so. And what does she need to do to return to her homeworld?

And most importantly, what are the consequences of such a kind of fantasy adventure? And will she even return "home"?

What's good

The good thing about the film is that it perfectly ridicules all the boring, naive and predictable turns and moves of Hollywood (and not only) melodramas. By the method of exaggerated exaggeration, here are shown and, supposedly random, but fateful, acquaintances of the rich with the poor, and songs and dances to the veneer during the film, and much more.

But, the most important thing is that the film is about the little girl. Indeed, despite the fact that in America more than 70% of women are overweight, there are almost never overweight women in films, not in TV shows. An exception is films with the participation of Melissa McCarthy, in which the plot is originally written for a fat woman.

What's wrong

Although the film was filmed as a parody, ridiculing the cliches of melodramas of all times and peoples, it itself was filmed according to exactly the same cliche. Simply, there can be no other plot in such films. It was served, of course, not bad, but it was not possible to get out of the general rut.


In the meantime, we did a good job.

Another drawback - even though the film is about a fat woman, which by itself means leaving the shadow of a beautiful and comfortable, not traumatic for the psyche, fat people on the street, there is practically no untruth, full of people in the film itself, except for the main character. p>

We all understand that in a country where more than half of the population suffers from obesity, the lion's share of the crowd should be at least a little overweight. But here - everything is again like a slender selection. Miracles, and nothing more.


But in general, the film will perfectly cheer you up. Those interested in our offer can follow the link below.

Watch the movie "Isn't it romantic" online

Yes, there was at one time the masterpiece "Pleasantville", in which the heroes of Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon - brother and sister - also got into theparallel world,the black and white world of the series. And many might think that this is some kind of a remake of Pleasantville.


We dare to assure that the plots in the films are completely different, and have nothing in common with each other.


And therefore it will look interesting. We wish you all a pleasant viewing and even more good films and TV series!

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