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What to see from the movies on Saturday night. Vengeance (2019)


We have been waiting for Saturday for a long time, and now it has come. And what are we going to watch in the evening? Today we have prepared for you a fresh action movie - the brainchild of filmmakers from the UK. Its world premiere took place on May 24, 2019, starring Scott Adkins, who is familiar to us mainly from the films from the "Indisputable" franchise.

We won't see this film in our cinemas. It is not clear why, but the distributors passed by this English masterpiece, but the network already has it in quality, so type in a search engine and welcome to view.


The only "but" - fights here will not be for the faint of heart, but therefore those who do not like to look at scraps of flesh flying in different directions from a shotgun shot, it is better to refrain from watching.


Those who do not reject the appearance of such “special effects”, welcome to our short synopsis.

Revenge is a dish everyone loves to watch

And there will be something to take revenge for. In short, the main character - Cain Burgess will break the brother's system, which enriches itself on "cuckoos", people from whom businessmen pump money for nothing. Cain's brother also wanted to enter into his "cuckoo" business, only he, to joy and sorrow, got into a situation and sat in a jail.

"Cuckoo" - a person who is asked to provide a service (for example, in terms of paying for a small favor). The service consists in working once as a kind of courier and carrying the package (meaning, with a large amount of money) from one place to another. In his footsteps they let their little man, who steals a package from the future "cuckoo", as a result of which the person owes many times more than he had before and, thus, has to work for his uncle for years.

Sending Cain to take away the package from the next future "cuckoo" - an ordinary-looking woman - the business brother did not suspect that Cain, first of all, would become the culprit in the accident that led to the death of this woman.


She caught up with Cain, who took the package away from her, and at that moment she was hit by a car. Secondly, the police grabbed him and began to demand from him to testify against his brother, and when he refused, they put him behind bars for manslaughter.

In the slammer for the whole 7 years, one or the other tried to kill, strangle, break the skull, in a word, soak. And when Cain finally found out who ordered it, such righteous anger flared in him that he immediately began to devise an escape plan.

And, of course, he succeeded, as we see in the opening part of the film.

Hints of “fat circumstances”

The hedgehog understands that the bar that Cain broke into from the very beginning will eventually be blown to smithereens. This is so, a small spoiler, which in itself suggests itself from what is happening. Only the movie is not obsessed with what is happening in the bar.


Before our eyes, again and again, there will be scenes from prison, where the poor brother had, oh, how difficult it was.

By this, the thirst for righteous revenge is fueled to such an extent that it becomes unbearable in the end.

It also tells about what Cain managed to "do" after leaving the prison, and to whom he should give what he deserves according to the most "do not pamper".

Curved bends

I didn’t like the way the stupid barmaid Veronica behaved. If she was initially “for theirs”, and the disarming militants put all their weapons on her bar counter, why didn't she return them their guns and reels in advance?

In addition, she had a lot of great moments to knock out the main character from behind. But ...


Apparently, it was very interesting for her to hear what he would tell you more. Or maybe she was afraid. Or maybe, until the last moment, I thought that everything would go without carnage. Or maybe just a fool.

In any case, her actions, or rather inaction, looks somehow contradictory. As for the rest, the fight was excellent. The staging of the fighting scenes was clearly done by a pro, and therefore everything turned out not only realistic, but also really hardcore. Looks great.


In general, let's finally see the trailer.

And, having looked, we note that this masterpiece very much reminds us of Jason State and his "Carriers". Only if the fights there were not always perfect, then here they look more polished, you will not find fault.


So, fans of action movies in the style of "Well, like a lady!" the film will go to all 10. The rest will put a solid seven out of ten, and then, for a not too intricate plot, which here, in principle, as in the same "Dani - chain dog", is not particularly necessary. All fights are taken out.

Dvoibans and tebans will be instructed mainly by opponents of bloody scenes. But if, as already mentioned at the beginning, you are all right with that, welcome to watch. Cain's revenge turned out to be all-plus.

In order not to strain the search, you can watch the movie for free, for example, here:

Vengeance 2019

And we say goodbye until next Saturday and wish you pleasant viewing, good mood and more interesting and entertaining films and TV series!

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