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What to see from the movies on Saturday night. Triple Border (2019)


Another difficult week is over, on Sunday you can sleep until noon, and therefore on a late Saturday evening before bedtime, you can safely spend a couple of hours watching some sensible film. And right there we are with our timely advice on what to watch from movies at the weekend.

The films that we recommend are among those that, for one reason or another, passed by cinemas in our country. And on the coming Saturday night, we advise our readers to watch another movie masterpiece from the Netflix video streaming service "Triple Border".

A few words about the movie

The film premiered in limited release on March 6 (in the United States), and on March 13, the film became available for viewing on the Internet on Netflix. The company has put a lot of effort and money to bring together such stars as Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam, Pedro Pascal and others in one company. And they played theirs for a solid five.


A company of former warriors, cobbled together by the current operative Santiago Garcia, is making a blatant attempt to bomb any bank, but a drug cartel based at the junction of the borders of three South American states - Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Confusion reigns here, and therefore the next surge of "armed activity" in this region should not attract the authorities of these countries.

As it turned out, the walls of the local drug lord's house were completely crammed with money and the valiant warriors raked in so much that the MI-8 helicopter could not pull (although one can argue with the technical characteristics of the domestic machine).


How they will clear up the situation - we learn from the film, but it is already clear that everyone will clearly not live to see the end.

What we liked

The plot is not hackneyed, one might even say - a kind. Played well. Not to say that the film is very expensive, the actors probably spent more on advertising and fees. But it looks impeccable, at least in terms of camera work, stunts and special effects, although there are not so many of them in the film.

What I didn't like

Batman Ben Affleck has recently acquired such a good belly, and frankly ceased to be suitable for action movies. It is hard to believe that he, in his current form, is capable of a march across the Andes.

The stupidity of consultants kills again and again. It is not clear who advised to call the air transportation company the stupid name "AEROSIBIR", and even write on the tail of the helicopter "USSR" when the country with that name ceased to exist about thirty years ago.


After all, as Captain Vrungel sang in the famous cartoon: "As you name a yacht, so it will float!"


Otherwise, if you ignore the small nuances, the film is definitely worth watching. Yes, 10 out of 10, of course, he does not pull, but on solid 6.5 - quite, and for an action movie it's even too much, especially when you consider that some who are disgusted with violence, seeing soldiers in uniform on a poster, rate the film " 1 "automatically.

So, enjoy your viewing. It will be interesting.

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Author: Jake Pinkman