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What to see from the movies on Saturday night. ”During a Thunderstorm” (2018)


It is not at all necessary that people go to cafes, restaurants, nightclubs and other places of entertainment on Sunday evening. Even young people, at times, feel like resting. And what is the best way to spend time on Saturday evening, if not with a glass of wine (a bottle of beer) and a good movie, sitting on a cozy sofa or even in bed with a bag of pistachios. But the question is: what to watch from the movies?

Over and over again, the search for a new and at the same time not worn-out and really good film turns into an exhausting task, after which you simply turn on some old film (or TV program), under which you simply fall asleep sadly and imperceptibly.< / em>

Selection criteria

We decided to make it easier for our readers to find a new and good movie. The film offered by us will meet the following criteria:

  • the film will be of interest to fans of all genres;
  • it will not be overused, that is, it will be a fresh film from 2018-2019;
  • this film will be one that has not been shown in cinemas, so it will really be a novelty;
  • his CP rating will not be lower than 6.0, which confirms that the picture is really worthwhile and is not outright junk.

And now, when the selection criteria are agreed, let's proceed, in fact, to the action.

What to see from the movies tonight?

For this Saturday night, we have selected a film for you that fits such genre categories as fantasy, drama, detective and thriller - at the same time. The film itself is called During a Thunderstorm. It was filmed by Spanish filmmakers for literally some penny, but it looks very good. On IMDb he was awarded a rating of 7.5, on KinoPoisk - 7.4. The movie has posters like these (in addition to the ones on our cover).


Here's the trailer for the movie.

Brief annotation

Let's not go into spoilers, let's just say that the picture is somewhat similar to Radio Wave (2000). And if there the connection between the temporary layers was established through the aurora borealis, then the connection turned out to be possible thanks to the absolutely identical in their factors thunderstorm fronts.

In "Radio Wave" the connection between father and son,


and in the 2016-2017 series of the same name between father and daughter


was produced by an old amateur radio station. Representatives of different temporal layers immediately contacted through a cassette video camera and an old TV set.


But this is where the similarities between the films end. If in "Radio Wave" the grown-up son of a father who died in a fire, who became a policeman in the future, tried to find a maniac, and at the same time save his father from death, and then his mother, then the woman simply saved the boy who witnessed the murder from death. p>


The consequences of this were disastrous. The reality has changed so that now her husband is the husband of her friend, and her daughter was not born at all.

Now she will have to work hard to get everything back in place. Only, is it possible in principle?

In general, if you are interested, follow the link below.

Watch the movie "During a Thunderstorm" (2018) online

Enjoy watching and lots of cool movies and TV shows!

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