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What to see from the movies on Saturday night. Point Blank (2019)


Saturday night is a great time to unwind. Some go to a bar, some to a nightclub, who just hang out with friends. But there is a large percentage of people who, for one reason or another, have no time to leave the house. The week has turned out to be difficult and I just don't want to get off the sofa. They should see some new movie. And so as not to be worn out, which was not shown in the cinema.

Anyone who has problems with the choice and who is tormented by the question of what to watch from new films, we offer to watch another action movie from the streaming serviceNetflix Point Blank.

What's the movie about?

Two thieving brothers decide on a daring robbery, during which the eldest of them got a good deal. The bullet pierced through him, entering from the back and exiting the belly. The younger one was sitting and waiting for his brother in the car when a signal came from him that it was possible to drive up. But, approaching, he saw how the elder one was hit by a car. Then the police came rushing in, as a result of which the youngest just drove by.

Paramedics were the first to arrive to the downed and bloody man. They took the victim to a hospital, where a dark-skinned surgeon (played by Anthony Mackie) performed an operation on him, one might say, returning him from the other world.


Meanwhile, the younger brother of the "victim" conceived something unkind. He understands that the elder is about to be taken to the prison hospital, and therefore breaks through information about his attending physician, declares to his home and kidnaps his wife, pregnant in the last month. He calls a dark-skinned surgeon and offers to exchange his wife for his brother.

Now a dark-skinned surgeon must somehow steal a patient from the hospital, for whom the police have already arrived. Whether he comes out or not, we will find out during the viewing.

What's good

For a TV movie, the picture is very much even nothing. In times of dominance of third-rate, this film is uniquely knocked out of the same type of gray swamp. The actors played great. We can especially congratulate the performer of the role of a corrupt police officer who looks very much like Ozzy Osbourne.


The film has a main storyline, and a secondary one, everything is right. On the one hand - a hero who needs to save his wife, on the other - a wounded thief with a flash drive, chased by corrupt cops. There is even a third - a gangster, who loves to shoot cool videos for YouTube.

In general, there is something to be angry about, there is something to worry about, and there is someone to root for.

What's wrong

Bad, one might say, and no. There is still the same set of standard "cinematographers", which do not exist in life, but which look acceptable in the film. In particular, the older brother who was wounded and returned from the other world, who with a bullet in his body in some places barely walks and begs for pills and injections, and in others fights, as if he was not wounded at all.

Also in the film there is a set of cliched moments we did not like very much. For example, the same delivery at the wrong moment, and so on.


But overall, the film looks good. For a single viewing for the sake of raising the mood, the film is also suitable. You can easily find it, for example, here:

Point Blank (2019) watch online for free.

We say goodbye to you until next Saturday. Enjoy your viewing, good mood and more cool films and TV series!

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Author: Jake Pinkman