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What to see from the movies on Saturday night. Weeds (2018)


It's Saturday again and again there is time to watch the next movie masterpiece, which for one reason or another has passed by the big screens in our country. This time we will watch a comedy produced by the French and Belgian film companies StudioCanal, Mars Films and Paiva Films, sponsored by the world's most powerful video streaming service Netflix, Weeds.

What is the movie about?

A film about difficult teenagers and not only. Although in the synopsis from the company in the column “genres” there is only “comedy”, the film is not devoid of an additional dramatic plot. Yes, and notes of melodrama are present here. And although the film touches on serious problems, you can watch it at any age, and it is especially recommended for teenagers to watch such a movie.

The adoptive son-in-law and stepmother trade in theft. Mom hardly shoves purchases into the trunk of a car in the underground parking lot, attracting the attention of caring passers-by who are trying to help her. At this time, his son runs past and grabs his mother's purse, allegedly stealing.


An indifferent passer-by (usually an old fart) leaves his things and rushes after an alleged thief in pursuit. Son-ostensibly a thief takes him away, then throws out his purse. The old fart returns to the parking lot, but the mothers with the old fart's belongings are gone.

This scheme works until the moment when his son ran into an old fart who runs better than himself.

To make amends, the stepmother and stepson promise to help the old fart, fast as the wind, who, moreover, turns out to be a longtime acquaintance of the mommy.


They take a job for an old man's charity company that specializes in working with problem children.

What's good about the movie?

There are no complaints about acting, although you cannot say that it is downright super-duper. Everything displays a peculiar and interesting plot that interests you from the very first minutes and does not let go of the screen for more than an hour and a half.

The film has, as already hinted, a parallel plot, telling about the difficult childhood of one of the main characters - son, who turned out to be an orphan through the fault of militants in one of the Arab countries.


From an early age, he was forced to beg on the streets, and when he encountered the indifference of those around him, he began to steal from their pockets everything that they put there badly.

In general, there is a lot of good things here. In particular, the film contains:

  • love, so to speak, unexpectedly revealed in all its glory, a chance meeting;
  • compassion and attachment to "weeds", problem teenagers, not indifferent to their problems;
  • mutual assistance, both from the side of the main characters, and between the "weeds" awakened from hibernation;
  • mutual understanding and trust, again, not without the help of a new and improved educator, thief-sons;
  • excellent and rather unexpected end of the film, which is also pleasing in its own way.

In general, those who want to improve their shaky mood and relax both body and soul - we strongly recommend watching.


This picture is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. On the IMDb service, the mark 7.3 will not be set in vain. On KinoPoisk, the rating for the film "Weeds" is even higher: 7.4. Such positions do not get paid for nothing. Therefore, no one loses sight of watching.

You can watch the Weeds feature film for free here:

"Weeds" (2018)

We say goodbye to you on this until next Saturday! All the best and pleasant viewing to you!

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