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What to see from the movies on Saturday night. Extortion (2017)


We invite our readers to spend an hour and a half this Saturday evening watching the Puerto Rican-Filipino-American action-packed detective thriller "Extortion" that passed by our screens.

Solar beginning

A family of not too wealthy North Americans goes on vacation to the Caribbean. Although the head of the family (and also the main character of the film) is a doctor by profession, he works in an average clinic and can only afford such a vacation if he gets vouchers (as here) at a bargain price.


So, husband, wife and little son come to the Caribbean. The weather is excellent. Having promised his son a ride on a jet ski, the father turns to the rental office, where he finds out that there is a queue for such things and you need to make an appointment in advance. But the guy who works here on the sly advises dad to turn to private traders who can rent a boat on the cheap.

Father does just that, and the family embarks on a sea voyage, which became the beginning of a twisted, twisted and long misadventure.

Where did it all turn out?

Having sailed at the request of his son to a remote island, of which there are more than a thousand around, the head of the family discovers that the engine does not start, since the battery is dead. The family is doomed to while away the time on the island without food and without water, waiting for someone to find them.


Finally, realizing that it will be easier for them to get into the sea for random boats and yachts, they sail from the island on oars. A day later, a boat with three unconscious bodies nailed to another island, where they were found by a local fisherman and his illegal assistant.

Major troubles are yet to come

Kozlina the fisherman agrees to deliver only the owner to the main island for a fee of 1 million dollars. He knocks out the head of the family with an oar in the head, and when he comes to his senses, the fisherman explains to him that he left his wife and child on one of the islands, of which there are many, and will tell which one only after he receives the money.


Where he can get a whole million dollars, his father has no idea. And it is not a fact that the fisherman will keep his promise by taking the money.

And so it happened. On the way back to the island, after transferring part of the money, the fisherman locks the unlucky head of the family in the cabin of a cheap boat, which sinks.

Tough Trials

How will our hero be saved, how will he search for his family, will the wife and son be alive at the time of their discovery, or will they die of heat, thirst and hunger?


It will be especially interesting to observe the actions of the local police and the embassy. This is where you will be able to have plenty and get angry and swear.

Well, how will our hero play a detective, when everyone and everything will be looking for him himself, this is generally something with something.

The film is non-standard, so it will be very interesting to watch. Enjoy your viewing and more good films and TV shows!

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