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What to see from the movies on Saturday night: ”Sorry, we didn't find you”


The feature film "Sorry, We Didn't Find You" is strongly recommended to everyone who thinks that life is not very good only in USA, or, as they like to say, in "Rashke". Here is an example from the life of the average man in the UK, even though no one there calls her “Great Briton”. In general, if you can't choose what to watch from the films on the weekend, join us. Anyone will find this feed useful.

A little about the truth of life

Dear naive residents of "Raska", shouting at every corner that you can live your whole life abroad and on unemployment benefits. The truth is that no state will allow its citizen to live on unemployment benefits for long. And if you, being in good health, do not get a job offered to you by a social worker once, twice and three times, each time coming up with a new excuse, you will simply be jailed for fraud. Moreover, the state will be forced to work for the fund.

Where did we get this from? Anyone who sees even a little further than his nose should understand that unemployment benefits are paid from the state budget, which, in turn, is imposed from taxes of enterprises engaged in commercial activities and citizens living in the country.


And if everyone in the country wants to live on benefits, there will simply be nothing to pay it from, because the tax is taken for the budget only from a working citizen and a working enterprise. Well, or who owns real estate located on the territory of the state.

And if no one is working, where does the benefit money come from? And taxes on housing and real estate cannot be paid for one benefit. No, dear ones, the economy doesn't work like that. And everyone has to work everywhere, simply because, as my grandmother used to say, water does not flow under the lying stone.

And taxes are in any state. And problems with housing and mortgages, as the film "Sorry, we didn't find you," will show, exist in any country. Equally, as in any state, no one is safe from the fact that his child will become a juvenile moron who thinks that life is good everywhere, except for our country. And instead of learning and helping parents, he will simply paint the walls on the streets, screaming at every corner about such a terrible injustice.

What is the film "Sorry, we didn't find you"

Ken Loach's family - he, his wife and two children - a boy of 16 years old and a daughter of 10 years old - live, like over 30% of the general population of Great Britain, in a rented apartment. After the 2008 crisis, a huge number of people were left without a livelihood. Ken was also out of work.

In search of earnings, he comes to the post office, where he, hanging noodles on his ears, is offered to become an "entrepreneur" and "work for himself", although in the future it is clear that this is hard work "for his uncle."

In order to buy a van for delivering mail, that is, to “work for oneself,” the family had to sell their wife's car and tighten their belts. And everything seemed to be going well, until it turned out that their eldest son was a brainless juvenile moron who, apart from his problems, did not need to see others. They kick him out of school. You have to pay fines for it. Because of it, you have to miss working days, for which you have to pay fines again. The wife also has troubles at work, where without a car she (a caregiver caring for the elderly and sick) gets tired so that she falls off her feet.

In general, if you look at it this way, then it is in the "Rashka" that life is much better than in the "Great Britain". How it will end - we will find out by watching the film "Sorry, we did not find you" to the end.

Pros and cons of painting

The advantages of the painting are in its blatant realism. There are no slender blondes and people pleasant in body and soul on every corner. Everything is like in life. Everyone is rowing for themselves. Behind the screen of constant employment, parents do not notice how their children live, and it is not at all necessary that they "educate themselves" exactly the way mom and dad want.

Here you have free medicine, and living in an apartment, and problems at school and finding a job - everything is presented as it is. Now fans of the "heavenly" life abroad have something to compare with.

The painting has no minuses. Everything in the film is on the case. We saw exactly what Ken Loach wanted to convey to us, without any embellishments and cut corners. Vital, truthful and not at all fun, as it should be in any social drama.


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We wish you a pleasant viewing, good mood (if it is possible in principle when watching such a movie) and, as always, even more cool films and TV series!

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