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What to see from the movies Saturday night: ”Dirt” 2019


Tonight, for those who cannot make up their minds about what to watch from the films, we recommend a picture that will both amuse and make their viewers think. The film was not shown in cinemas, but was released immediately on the streaming service Netflix and tells about the difficult life and creative path of the rock metal band Motley Crew, which once made noise all over the world.

If someone thinks that all biographical films are boring and boring, believe me, this is not the case. This time the biolique will work as it should.

How it all began

The film begins with the moment of the most dirty promiscuity, from where flashback starts us in the distant 1973, just before the spiritual and other inspirer of the group, Frank Carlton, left home at the age of fifteen. His mother was the most natural whore and drunkard who raised her son on the machine and, moreover, allowed her boyfriends to care for the poor boy for nothing.


One fine day, Frank's patience overflowed and he, having sent his mother with another boyfriend in three letters, dumps out of his father's house. The fact that his father left them in childhood, he also blames his dissolute mother. He thinks that if he manages to find his own dad, he will almost kiss him in the ass. And now, after 5 years of living in Los Angeles, he finds it.

But the meeting went according to an unpredictable scenario. Dad didn’t mean that he didn’t recognize him, but simply sent him three letters, as Frank himself did with his dissolute drunk mother before.

Fucking Frankie makes a simple logical conclusion. Since his father did not recognize him, then there is nothing to wear his surname. And from now on, he becomes Nikki Sixx, content that he got rid of and dotted the i's in his past.

How it went

Full of hopes for a happy future and believing in his lucky star, Nikki starts recruiting his own group. The first to join it was drummer Tommy Lee, beloved by his family. Then, on the tests, the patient showed himself excellently for his entire back in the literal sense of the word - he was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis - Mick Mars. Well, and even later they managed to snatch the blond vocalist Vince Neil from the grasping clutches of a sugary local cover band called Rock Candy.


After lengthy rehearsals, they finally got ready for their first performance and, calling themselves “Motley Crue”, which literally translates into USA sounds like “Motley Team” (the dots above “o” and “u” are for fun), gave their first concert, which began with a massacre.

Then there will be a full ATAS. Watching the trailer.

All members of the group will go through a bunch of adversity, scrapes, failures, ups and downs, drug addiction, alcoholism, etc. in order to remain devoted to their work and their fans to this day. And it will be cool!

What's good and bad about the movie "Dirt"

The film is colorful, atmospheric and untethered. The actors played great. The script is not tedious, the whole film is driven, you won't be bored. The personalities are passable, at least it is clear who is who in this "dirty" company.

Of the minuses, I would like to highlight only the moment of squirt in the first minutes of the film. The rest is quite consistent. But this moment, in our opinion, was useless here.

Of course, it is clear that the life of the decouples was still how dissolute and "dirty". It is also clear that the filmmakers immediately wanted to interest the audience with a reactive moment that will attract the eyes to the screens for a long time. But, nevertheless, for this one could have come up with something easier.

Although, this is only our personal opinion, with which it is not necessary to agree at all.


That's all we can tell you about the movie "Dirt". To say more is to turn the announcement into a spoiler, so just watch the movie. This is very easy to do by clicking on the following link:

Watch the movie "Dirt" 2019 online

We are saying goodbye to you. We wish everyone a great New Year's mood and more cool movies and TV series!

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