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What movie to watch on Saturday night? Megan Leavey (2017)


Again the weekend, and again we puzzle over which movie to watch in order to relax under it both body and soul. And today we recommend watching the war drama based on the real events of 2017 - "Megan Leavey".

About what and who?

Some may exclaim, they say, what are you hinting at "peace of mind", and you yourself are slipping an action-packed film to us? The film actually looks very easy, although it is a pure drama. Well, the fact that he is a military man ... Well, yes, there are hostilities in him, there is no way without it. But the film, in general, is no longer about the war, but about what happened after.

Megan Leavey (in the film, her role is played by Kate Mara) is a fragile girl who is given a normal life with great difficulty. After her "dose partner" ordered to live a long time literally in front of her eyes, Megan decides to end drugs and radically change her life.

Seeing the announcement of the call for volunteers for contract military service, she taxied herself into the admissions office without anyone and, after undergoing a medical examination, went straight to school, where she had a hard time.


She is doing well with everything, but her physical training and shooting are lame. And for another offense she is sent to the department to the dog handlers, scrubbing dog cages. There she first met a huge German shepherd named "Rex".

Basic tie

Their acquaintance did not work out very well. The dog was very aggressive. He perfectly understood all the commands, but he executed them with a great squeak, showing his temper. Rushing out of the cage at Megan, he scared the hell out of her. But this is what ultimately influenced her choice of a military profession. She wanted to become a dog handler by all means.


And when she finds out that Rex broke his partner's arm, she immediately lights up to become his guide.

It was hard, but they worked together. And we got to Iraq.

What's the intrigue?

The intrigue is that, having been blown up by a mine, both of them are wounded and separated from each other. Rex literally saved the girl's life in that clash. And now they find themselves - she is at home, and he - further participates in military operations, only now in Afghanistan.

The path to their reunification will be long, and it is not a fact that a war machine with its harsh laws will allow them to meet again. But Megan, as it turns out, is determined to do anything because of her dog.

I just got it ...


The film is of high quality, truthful and very interesting. This is not a comedy, this is a serious story about true friendship, honor and loyalty. So, dear, you need to be friends. Learn from the real Megan.


In order not to poke around in search engines, here is the link where you can watch the movie "Megan Leavey" in high quality, free of charge and without any registration:

Watch Megan Leavey online

And that's all for today. Visit us more often, and your life will be more interesting!

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