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Why with Audeze LCD-2 Closed Back it is good to soundproof on self-isolation


We live in a trendy world. We like some of them, others not very happy. Such was the forced self-isolation. Not everyone has found something to their liking while sitting at home every day. Someone watches TV shows, another reads books, a third learns languages. There is another option for a pleasant pastime. It is associated with listening to music through the Audeze LCD-2 Closed Back headphones.

The company and its products

The American company Audeze is just over ten years old. It is a high-tech enterprise that develops quality headphones based on magnetoplanar technology.

Most of their devices have open acoustic design. This is due to the fact that in closed versions, a closed volume is created between the membrane and the outer wall of the cup, which acts as a shock absorber. This contributes to a decrease in sound quality, since details of the soundtrack are extinguished.


Open models will suit any music lover. Only others may not like the volume of their sound, which extends several meters from the source.

The best and the best

Not so long ago, several original models appeared in the flagship line of LCD devices. One of them - LCD-2 Closed Back has an affordable price. In fact, it is a closed version of the LCD-2 Classic model.

Outwardly, these two devices have several differences. Most of the Audeze products are equipped with external covers, which are a metal grille covered with matt black enamel. In LCD-2 Closed Back they have a slightly different look, which can be called avant-garde. There is no feigned severity, but there is an element of grace.


These headphones weigh 635 grams. They are difficult to classify as lungs. The presence of a perforated rim is welcome here, because it is thanks to it that the weight of the device is evenly distributed over the user's head.

The ears are completely covered with ear pads. The filling has a memory effect, provides a snug fit and soundproofing.

What's inside

The emitting area of each Audeze LCD-2 Closed Back is 88 cm2. Diaphragms are made of thin polymer. A flat conductive layer is applied here by vacuum deposition. Several pieces of N50 neodymium impart uniformity to the magnetic field.

There are no proprietary Fazor acoustic elements, as in the manufacturer's flagship devices. The quality does not suffer greatly from this, but the price turned out to be humane.


Both ear cups have mini-XLR connectors that securely hold the plugs of a wired device. It includes a 190 cm long braided cable.

The cups made of "Liquid wood" polymer give the headphone rigidity. It is fortified with crystalline additives. An even harder material was used on the sides, which will not allow scratches to appear on the product in case of an unsuccessful touch.

Great sounding

The manufacturer recommends loading the LCD-2 Closed Back with a power of at least 250 mW. Most good players can do it, but not all smartphones, even the middle class, will be able to produce such a signal.

The sound of these headphones is amazing. Tall ones here, by definition, should be deaf, but they are light and light. This is made possible by the presence of almost weightless membranes that prevent the sound from becoming harsh and harsh.

At the same time, there are not very many low frequencies here, but enough. Despite the closed structure of the device, they are moderately mobile and relief. In order to fully get an idea of the sound quality, you do not need to turn the volume up to maximum values.

If you do not delve into the detailed characteristics of the vocal, then it can be described in one word - restrained. The sound is light, detailed, but not loud. Any music lover will feel the seismic power of Jose Carreras and the melody Gardot's soft whisper.

It is easy to conclude that LCD-2 Closed Back is free from genre restrictions and from vivid manifestations of the specificity of a closed acoustic circuit. They show strictness only in relation to the class of amplifiers. If you use a system with a low power-to-weight ratio or various disadvantages when delivering frequencies (especially high), then there will be no good sound.


Audeze LCD-2 Closed Back over-ear headphones are equipped with isodynamic drivers operating in the frequency range from 10 Hz to 50 kHz with an impedance of 70 ohms.

The device has a sensitivity of 101 dB / mW, a mass of 635 grams.


The Audeze LCD-2 Closed Back combines classy magnetoplanar design with closed-back acoustics.

These are large, well-built headphones. They give out a light and embossed sound. Moreover, its quality does not depend on the environment.


Interestingly, the manufacturer's engineers have developed an accessory whose design allows for an upgrade. Those interested can install a carbon fiber headband and use a balanced cable instead of the standard one.

It is also possible to order the trimming of the accessory with genuine leather. However, all this is designed for a too picky buyer, the standard materials used are good enough. They will suit most consumers.

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