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Headphones: how to choose the right ones and not miss the choice?


Music has become an integral part of our life, and with the development of technology, we have more and more opportunities to enjoy it always, wherever we are. Perhaps the most popular device that offers this chance is headphones.

However, due to the fact that such technologies have stepped very far in their development, there are now hundreds of manufacturers and models of different designs and with a different set of characteristics on the market. This is why the choice of headphones is often a real puzzle: which headphones to choose?

Moreover, not all electronics retail outlets provide their customers with quality goods. There is no need to talk about "reasonable" prices in such cases.

So how not to throw your money away and choose exactly the type of headphones that will delight you anywhere in the world? You will find the answer to these and other questions in our article. Let's go!

What kind of headphones are there?

Inserts or inserts

Despite the fact that this type of headphones almost went out of fashion, at one time it was the most popular, even having such an inconvenience (applied to all models) as a feature of shape and size, due to which they often fell out of the ear shells. The disadvantages also include the relatively low bass quality, which is perhaps the biggest disadvantage of this type of model.

In-ear or vacuum ("plugs" or "plugs")


The most common type of headphone. It is mainly used outside the home: while walking outdoors, in the gym, etc. It differs from the first type in better sound quality, and also provides complete isolation from external extraneous noise. The latter, unfortunately, is also their main disadvantage: walking down the street in such headphones, it is very difficult to be on the alert and be careful, just as it is difficult to adjust the level of the permissible volume in them for yourself.

Important: Constant wearing of such "plugs" and listening to music (most often) at high volume does not have the most favorable effect on your hearing. First, you will start with an average volume level, but then after a certain time you yourself will not notice how you approach the critical mark on the volume slider in your smartphone or Mp3 player, and this will be quite acceptable for you. That is why from time to time you will have to say goodbye to your favorite songs with "traffic jams" and give your hearing aid a rest. For safety and health, friends.



The name speaks for itself: such headphones literally "superimpose" on the ears in the sense that they are adjacent to them. Their undoubted advantage is a good sound quality (this is more noticeable when there is complete silence around you), as well as attachments that follow the shape of the ears. The latter allows this gadget not to subside during sudden movements (jumping, jumping, running), so this type of headphone has become a favorite among athletes and people involved in outdoor activities.

As for sound insulation, here it is much worse than in headphones with complete blocking of the ear canals. The audibility of extraneous sounds is guaranteed to you, but since this is also a matter of your safety, then everything is very good.

The price of on-ear headphones ranges from 1-3 thousand rubles .

Fullsize (monitor)


This type of headphone completely covers the ears. Because of this, they have good sound insulation and, accordingly, the quality of the reproduced sound, since in them you can recognize the complete musical picture thanks to the snug fit to the head and full circumference of the ears with round soft ear pads. Monitor headphones are perfect for a recording studio employee (mainly a sound engineer), music lovers who like to while away the time at home listening to their favorite album in all its colors, as well as avid gamers and fans of computer shooters.

The price of such headphones can reach a thousand or even 5 thousand rubles. It all depends on the manufacturer: let's say, headphones from Sony, JBL or Samsung can cost you 2-3 thousand .

So which ones to take?

Now you have learned, dear friends, what types of headphones exist and what are the leading characteristics of each of them. Let's summarize and give, finally, tips on which headphones to take:

  • For walking on the street and doing sports, on-ear headphones are suitable for you. allow you to fully enjoy the sound, as well as remember your safety.
  • For privacy while traveling on a bus, in a noisy company or at home, choose "traffic jams" and "plugs", because they completely eliminate the presence of extraneous noise.
  • For work where sound quality is critical, or for computer shooters where it is important for you to hear every step of an approaching enemy, feel free to stop your eyes on full-size devices.

Follow our advice and you can't go wrong! Good luck!

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Author: Jake Pinkman