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Audeze headphones: based on the planar magnetic effect


Many brands have mastered the production of similar products. However, the leader in this area is the American company Audeze. Its specialists were able to develop and expand this technology. The range of products of this company is wide; its headphones do not need powerful amplifiers, they can work with different gadgets.

Physical process

In dynamic headphones, sound originates from vibrations of a membrane that is movable. During these movements, she gives out distortion, the level of which is very high.

The membrane of the planar magnetic driver is lighter, the degree of its inertia is low, but the area is much larger than the dynamic analogs. This makes it possible to carry out the movement of specified air volumes with a small vibration amplitude. Therefore, the sound of such headphones is cleaner and better, they transmit high frequencies better.

Audeze Headphones

For these qualities - low level of linear distortion and high-quality transmission of high frequencies, music lovers and professionals appreciate these products.

Technologies Used

Some curious ones may ask the main question. If planar magnetic technology is the most advanced, then why is it not used in the development of all such devices.

The main reason for this is that the technologies used here are ahead of their time. To overcome the shortcomings of such drivers, it was necessary to increase the overall level of technological development, to achieve a certain degree.

For example, when creating a planar magnetic device, you need magnets of high power, but small mass, you also need special polymer films that are thin and have strength and lightness.

In addition, there is a need to develop a technology to apply the thinnest flat spools to these films.

Audeze specialists use in their development a material based on flexible printed circuit boards, from which diaphragms are made. In this they were helped by NASA engineers. The products are quite expensive, and the company is doing everything to reduce the price of its products.

Interesting models

The iSINE10 and iSINE20 gadgets (the letter "i" means they are compatible with Apple devices) come with a Cipher digital cable with a Lightning connector. It is both an amplifier and a DAC for headphones, and of a fairly high quality.

It should also be said that the gadget is equipped with an advanced DSP - digital signal processor. Through a mobile app, it controls the activity of a 10-band equalizer with two profiles. The device is powered from a sound source, for this it needs about 50 watts.

iSINE10 headphones

The models differ from each other only in the smaller number of turns of the coil in the iSINE10. This ultimately affects the frequency characteristics, but not critical, the difference in sound will be determined only by a specialist.

New gadget

The SINE DX over-ear headphones are worth a look. Their drivers are asymmetric, measuring 80 x 70 mm. The membrane here has a large area, so the coil is equipped with a large number of turns. This all leads to a greater mass of the moving system and a decrease in sensitivity.

The large membrane area plus the wrap-around design impresses with the scale of the soundstage. In this regard, iSINE is unmatched among in-ear headphones, but the products in question are almost the same.

iSINE10 headphones

Some users do not really like the fact that these headphones protrude from their ears, but they want to clarify that it is due to this that the surround sound effect is created. It is important to note that some do not tolerate in-ear headphones at all, so SINE DX will be a good output for them.

They cost a little more, but there are reasons for that. Other materials are used here. The bodies of the devices are metal, as well as the headband. The cushions are trimmed with genuine leather. I would like to note that the design of the product was developed by Designworks, which is part of the BMW concern.

Nuances of use

Audeze headphones have a special sound. It may seem too soft at first. The reason for this lies in the fact that most are used to the sound of devices with a V-shaped characteristic. Such tonality cannot be correct and precise, it is just emotional and expressive.

If you listen to music through headphones from Audeze, then it's easy to get used to the sound in two days. At the same time, the desire to return to old-style gadgets disappears.

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