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AKG N200 Headphones Review


Recently, the Bluetooth headphones market has been regularly updated with new devices. This is partly due to the fact that most modern smartphones do not have a corresponding connector for connecting wired analogs. The wireless connection is invisible, but efficient and convenient. The sound quality of such devices is also good, satisfying the needs of most users.

Below we will talk about a product worth about 11,000 rubles. Someone will think that this is a lot, for advanced music lovers this amount will seem insignificant. Modern accessories for listening to music tracks can cost differently. Their cost often starts from several hundred rubles and does not have an upper ceiling. It all depends on the characteristics.

Let's start with them.

Characteristics and general impressions

AKG N200 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones operate in the frequency range from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, with an impedance of 16 ohms. Their sensitivity is 116 dB SPL / V at 1 kHz. The product is equipped with 8.6 mm drivers. They are designed for a maximum input power of 4 MW.


The autonomy of the device is 8 hours of continuous operation. Then they can be charged for 10 minutes, the received energy is enough for 1 hour of operation.

A feature of the headphones is the presence of a remote control.

They are supplied with a set of several elastic bands that will allow you to choose the size for your auricles. There is also a special case and a cleaning brush.


It is worth noting the good quality of the cable, which will not twist or get tangled in most use cases. To transport the headphones around the user's neck, there are magnets in them. Due to the fact that the cases are made of metal, they are attracted to each other. This minimizes the likelihood of unwanted evolutions.

Connect and sound

In order to connect AKG N200 to another device, just turn them on and hold the switch a little. Once the paired product detects them, the pairing process is complete.

Most users will be happy with the sound quality these little speakers deliver. The presence of powerful bass and competent distribution of low frequencies is especially striking. The main thing is that the audio source supports the aptX codec. Without this codec, the sound becomes faded and lackluster, like conventional in-ear headphones.


Mids also have a good range of sound. The upper ones convey the purity, richness and expressiveness of the music well. Especially worth noting is the excellent reproduction of musical genres such as rock and electronic music. This produces a balanced sound that is different from simply dividing the sound into notes. Music lovers will surely enjoy using the AKG N200.

Usage on calls

AKG N200 is not equipped with active noise canceling function. This cannot be considered a significant drawback, since this functionality will not be able to show all its advantages in devices of this type.

Also, not all users like its presence. Someone compares the effect of such a system with being in a parallel space, when a feeling of isolation from the whole world is created.


Others, on the contrary, believe that unnecessary sounds are useless. It is recommended to use inserts of appropriate sizes or special overlays for them.

N200s work well when used during negotiations on a mobile device. Even a strong wind does not interfere with communication. In such a situation, it is difficult to conduct a conversation, but it is possible. All words and phrases are clear and accurate. This is facilitated by the form factor of the headphones, in which the microphone is placed on the cable, closer to the person's face. This greatly facilitates the transmission of information, since all sounds are collected and concentrated as close as possible to the microphone.


The main disadvantage of Bluetooth headphones is the presence of a microUSB connector, which is used when charging them. Most manufacturers have already abandoned its use, but here it is used without any alternative.

Therefore, not all owners of such a gadget will like the need to constantly carry a special charging cable with them, without which it is easy to lose access to your favorite music tracks if suddenly it runs out.


The manufacturer does not disclose the parameters of the battery, but its capacity is sufficient to operate for at least eight hours. This one talks about using fast charging technology here.


AKG N200 can be used with all devices. The paradox here is that they were designed to interact with Samsung mobile devices, but the best sound is produced only in combination with devices from other manufacturers. The main reason for this is that most of the Korean manufacturer's smartphones do not support the aptX codec, while others do.


The potential of these headphones is fully revealed only with this type of codec. Therefore, it would be more correct to purchase them for someone who has a smartphone that supports it. It is not worth overpaying for a product that will do its job for a "satisfactory" rating.

The gadget is sold in several colors of cases. Besides black, blue and green look good.

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