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The most interesting Hi-Fi novelties presented at the exhibition in the USAn Federation


Recently, the Hi Fi & High End Show 2019, at which the largest manufacturers of audio segment products showed their products. Our portal decided to present to the attention of readers the most interesting gadgets that can deserve the attention of not only music lovers, but also ordinary users.

Four-driver headphones

This unit impresses with its balanced sound quality. It also has a high level of detail, which was obtained by dividing the drivers into different frequency ranges.


Stealth Sonics U4 headphones are equipped with a housing made of composite materials, which allows good damping of sound effects. This, in turn, results in less distortion when listening to audio files.

For a product with so many technological solutions, the model surprises with its cost. It corresponds to 32,000 rubles.

Ruark Audio MRx Sound System

The Ruark Audio MRx is a multi-room audio system equipped with 75mm stereo speakers. It has several types of connections to audio sources. The model is also equipped with the ability to work with a variety of audio file formats. The audio system is wireless and can be installed on any horizontal or vertical surface.


Planar magnetic headphones

Our portal has previously published information about the features of this type of device. The Audeze iSINE 10 headphones have planar magnetic emitters, which allows them to produce high quality sound with a small size and a price of 20,000 rubles.


Music lovers should like the small weight of the product - 20 grams. It also received an Audeze Cipher wireless module that supports Bluetooth 5.0.

TWS Headphones

The new Senheiser Momentum True Wireless is a TWS earbud that delivers high and low frequencies in good quality. They got a built-in equalizer and support for the popular AAC, SBC and aptX codecs.


The autonomy of this device is 12 hours, it is not afraid of moisture and dust, because it is equipped with IPX4 protection. This makes it possible to use them not only when jogging in the sun, but also during wet and rainy weather.

An additional positive nuance of this model is the availability of the Transparent Hearing functionality. It allows you to skip third-party sounds and noises when listening to audio files. Senheiser Momentum True Wireless costs 23,000 rubles.

Compact player

The Astell & Kern SP 1000 player is the company's flagship model. Its body is made of aluminum. The device is equipped with a 4.1-inch display, dual DAC AK4497EQ with support for 32-bit audio, Bluetooth module with support for aptX HD.

The battery with a capacity of 3300 mAh is responsible for the autonomy of work here, capable of providing continuous music playback for ten hours. This indicator is the average in the segment.


A processor on eight cores is responsible for the operation of the hardware stuffing of the gadget, which easily processes PCM 32/384 and DSD256 formats.

Isodynamic product

These headphones are unique. Empyrean has hybrid membranes installed. Their distinctive feature is the ability to reproduce sound in an unusually wide frequency range - from 4 Hz to 110 kHz. At least this is what the manufacturer says.


The headphones received an impedance of 31.6 ohms. This indicator makes it possible to connect them to a smartphone or any other device. The use of modern materials in the production of Meze Audio Empyrean, an anatomically shaped headband and a low weight of 430 grams, allows you to wear headphones for a long time and with comfort.

The truth is that their cost is alarming - about 200,000 rubles. There are a lot of music lovers and just music lovers in our country, surely there will be those willing to pay such an amount for the opportunity to enjoy your favorite tunes in excellent playback quality.

The Topic of Article: The most interesting Hi-Fi novelties presented at the exhibition in the USAn Federation.
Author: Jake Pinkman