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Edifier TWS1 Standalone Wireless Earbuds Review


The market for modern wireless headphones is diverse and diverse. Each user can find a model to their liking, of any shape and size. Some people like devices like AirPods, others prefer more restrictive options. This group includes Edifier TWS1 - thick headphones, which are unlikely to be left unattended if they fall out of the auricle. Although this scenario is the least likely.

Options and Features

Almost certainly a person who first saw these headphones will say that they are made of inexpensive plastic, the quality of which leaves much to be desired. Indeed, plastic is used in the manufacture of the device, but its consumer properties are at a high level.


To understand this issue, you should familiarize yourself with the main technical characteristics of the product. Edifier TWS1 have an operating resistance of 16 ohms. The diameter of their transducers is 8 mm. The wireless connection uses Bluetooth 5.0 (APTX / AAC / SBC).

The device operates in the frequency range from 20 to 20,000 Hz. Autonomy is provided by a 60 mAh battery. The package includes a case for storage and charging, equipped with a 500 mAh battery. This allows the operating time to be quadrupled (8 + 32 h). It takes about two hours to fully replenish energy.

The weight of Edifier TWS1 is 45 grams, the cost is 2 200 rubles.

In addition to the headphones themselves, the packing box contains a micro-USB cable for charging, instructions, a case and three pairs of sealing elements of different sizes.


At first glance, Edifier TWS1 looks thick. However, this impression is misleading. They are well designed and fit well in the ears. This is also facilitated by the presence of silicone sealing tips, which were mentioned above. The design of the device is not sophisticated and modern. It rather resembles the headsets of smartphones from the beginning of this century. Here, there is only plastic and no metal parts.

Optimists in this case will state that there are advantages: the product is harder to lose and easier to maintain clean and tidy.


It is worth paying a little attention to the case-cover. It doesn't look premium and aesthetically pleasing, but it does its job well. The advantages of the container include lightness, compactness, and ease of use. Don't worry about keeping your headphones safe. There is a magnetic clasp to prevent accidental opening of the lid.

Connect and Control

The first connection of Edifier TWS1 does not cause any difficulties. They are activated immediately after removing from the case. It takes a few seconds to find the device to sync. The main thing is that Bluetooth is turned on.

In the future, with a previously paired gadget, the headphones start working automatically, immediately after they are removed from the case.


The main feature of most modern wireless headphones is left over right. The user can put the second in the case and listen to only the left, but not vice versa. The same working algorithm is installed in Edifier TWS1.

They can be controlled using sensors. Some owners of this product note that the placement of the touch control activation area is not quite correct. Not everyone can immediately find it at the top of the gadget.

One, two or three clicks are used here. In the first case, playback is activated or paused. In the second, it switches to the next track. If you press three times in a row, the track will switch to the previous one.

The disadvantage in controlling the device is the inability to change the volume when listening to music or during telephone conversations.

Sound and autonomy

In short, the sound quality of Edifier TWS1 is average. Sometimes it feels like the headset is not seated too tightly. In this case, the sound is perceived as distant, coming from somewhere outside.


Low frequencies are definitely not enough, with high frequencies not everything is rosy either. They are not transmitted very accurately. The only well-transmitted frequency range here is medium.

Most users will be fine with these sound settings. Among them there will be a few music lovers who understand that this device is not for connoisseurs of musical masterpieces.

Headphones will certainly be in demand among fans of outdoor activities and sports. It is important for them to have good quality background music during jogging and training. For this, the technical capabilities of TWS1 will be sufficient. I especially like the high volume.

The autonomy of the product is declared at around 8 hours. Considering the cost of the device, this figure should be considered very good. Using the case adds another 24 hours on a single charge. The only drawback here is the small length of the memory cable. However, this is already nit-picking, besides, if desired, it is easy for him to find a replacement.

Grand Total

The main advantages of Edifier TWS1 headphones are their low cost, ease of use and great autonomy. All of these data together compensate for the average sound quality and primitive design.

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Author: Jake Pinkman