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Apple Shows New Next-Generation AirPods


Another "apple" gadget was presented by Apple. This time, the announcement of the next second generation wireless AirPods 2 took place. The new Apple headphones, in contrast to the first model of the line, are distinguished by a productive chip and retain their charge for a longer period. In any case, the manufacturer claims so.

External transformations of the new "ears" are not visible, Apple wireless headphones have basically undergone internal technical changes in comparison with the first generation. The H1 processor powering AirPods 2 was designed specifically for the Apple headset. Its parameters are aimed at increasing the overall performance of the headphones. This is the quality of sound reproduction, and the lengthening of the talk time, also acceleration when connected to other devices. In addition, the H1 makes it possible to call Siri assistant without having to double-tap the earpiece, as was the case with the first generation model.

The AirPods 2 presented in the company's online store are bundled with a regular charging case, but there is also an option with a wireless case, which can be purchased separately. The wireless case supports Qi charging technology and is compatible with 1st generation AirPods.


As predicted by analysts at TF International Securities, Apple headphones will soon become the most demanded and popular gadget of the "apple" corporation. Experts expect that sales of wireless AirPods will grow from 16 million units in 2017 to 100 million units by 2021. Next year, the third generation of AirPods is scheduled for release, which is expected to deliver a fundamentally new design solution.

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Author: Jake Pinkman