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Beats PowerBeats Pro Headphone Review


Wireless headphones have been gaining in popularity lately. It is clear that these convenient and functional devices satisfy the most demanding users. Apple's AirPods are at the forefront here. They are the most popular and in demand. For all its advantages, their cost is also solid - about 10,000 rubles. Recently, Beats introduced its version of this device, the price of which is even higher. Let's take a closer look.

Design and functionality

For active lifestyles, the Beats PowerBeats Pro Wireless Headphones are specially designed to keep them from falling off. It provides a snug fit to your ears so you don't have to worry about the device during any physical activity and user evolution.


The headphones are protected against dust and moisture, which allows them to be used in any weather without fear of exposure to harmful environmental factors.

The earhooks are made of rubber and the ear cushions are silicone. They are equipped with a special sensor that stops music playback when the gadget is removed and resumes when it is put on.

The developer provides a large case as a charger. It is not immediately possible to understand how the headphones are placed in it - there is a lot of space, but it is distributed awkwardly.

Beats PowerBeats Pro can be used with both iOS devices and Android devices. The first ones recognize them immediately after opening the case, to connect a gadget belonging to the second group of devices, you need to press a special button located on the case. Bluetooth should be turned on on the smartphone at this time by selecting PowerBeats.


Not all users will enjoy this sequence of actions. It would probably be easier to turn on on Android by long pressing one of the headphones. Some developers of such devices practice this.

Communication, control and sound

These headphones received the latest Apple H1 processor in hardware, which provides an inseparable connection between the headphones and a smartphone or other gadget. Not all analogues have such an opportunity, devices from lower price categories do not have it at all.


This shouldn't be surprising, and neither should the Beats PowerBeats Pro's range of 7 meters.

This device allows you to watch movies and clips without delay due to the zero time required for voice processing. The user perceives the voice on the screen in a natural way, as it is perfectly synchronized.

Both earbuds have the same set of buttons. By clicking on the Beats logo, you can play, pause, accept or reject a call. There are also volume buttons. This allows you not to be distracted by manipulating your smartphone or other music source.


Beats has always been famous for the good sound of its products. They are especially good at transferring low frequencies and bass. This model is also good in this regard. They do not distort the sound, the volume margin is solid. Mids and highs sound natural and pleasant. These headphones are well suited for daily use.


PowerBeats Pro got a record battery life among wireless headphones. On a single charge, the headset can work without interruption for nine hours. Using the charging case extends this time period by another 24 hours.

Summing up the results of the review, it is worth noting the advantages of this gadget. They produce excellent sound and have good autonomy. Also worth noting is their design, which allows them to fit snugly on the user's head.


Their only drawback is the high cost. On average, it is 16,000 rubles. This will be a limitation for a large circle of users and fans of this brand. The PowerBeats Pro are more expensive than devices such as the Jabra Elite 65t, AirPods, Sony WF-SP700N and Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3100. Some premium products, such as Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless and B & O Beoplay E8, will compete with them.

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