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Coming Apple Products This Year


The coronavirus pandemic has affected economies around the world. Many companies and enterprises have suffered from it. Even a tech giant like Apple had to shut down some of its manufacturing processes. However, the situation is gradually improving. Recently, the American manufacturer reopened its factories in China, bringing the inexpensive iPhone SE to the market. The timing of the appearance of its other products can be adjusted, but still this year we should expect a number of new products. Let's tell you more about them.

Apple Watch 6

The Apple Watch 6 smartwatch will receive several new features. Now their owners will be protected from drowning and dirty water.

Network experts have found a patent of the company, which contains a description of a smart watch with a water sensor. The device has several features. Chief among them is the ability to assess the environment. The sensor distinguishes what kind of water a person is in: he is in the rain, in the shower, in the pool, etc.

In addition, the smart device can match the user's calendar with reality to determine the context of the appearance of water. Thus, the gadget finds out if a person is swimming while resting or if he fell into a river and drowns.

Also, the product is able to determine the degree of water pollution in order to establish the conditions in which it got. It will also not be difficult for them to establish the quality of this liquid. For this, there are holes in the watch case. This adds the primary analysis ability. Apple Watch 6 will detect whether it is sea water or fresh water, and then (if necessary) send a signal to emergency services or other users.

In addition, the device can work in tandem with georeferencing data. If, for example, they find out that the owner of the gadget is swimming in waters where there may be reptiles or sharks, then he will be notified about this. A shark icon appears on the watch face.


In addition, Apple Watch 6 plans to equip a number of interesting features: tracking sleep quality, mental health, etc.

Commercial use of the new smartwatches will start after their September announcement.

Inexpensive AirPods

According to blogger John Prosser, the company will unveil inexpensive AirPods wireless headphones in May.


They were supposed to be presented back in March, but the coronavirus pandemic prevented.

The source of information suggested that the new product will become an inexpensive version of wireless accessories, which are already sold in retail chains. He believes Apple is using the same strategy as the iPhone SE.

In this case, the future novelty will receive the same appearance as the AirPods sold now. The differences will consist in the presence of small compromises: installing a less capacious battery, a slight decrease in sound quality.

Nothing is known about the exact cost of the product, but the blogger claims that the headphones will start selling at a price of $ 129. The main goal of AirPods will be to lower the threshold for entering the Apple ecosystem.

Smart speaker HomePod Mini

Yabloko did not manage to interest users with their HomePod speaker system, but they do not despair. There is evidence that the company's engineers are working on another device - HomePod Mini.


Experts appreciated the efforts of the company's employees. In their opinion, the new product will receive support for additional music streaming services such as YouTube Music, Spotify and Pandora. Siri's voice assistant will also be more advanced.

HomePod Mini is expected to start selling at lower prices. This is necessary to compete with products from Google and Amazon.

The release of a larger model, which will start in the segment of premium devices, is not excluded.

AirPower Mini Charging Pad

Users never saw Apple's standard sized version of the charging mat. Instead of it, the AirPower Mini charging is supposed to appear first. Back in January of this year, the famous analyst Min Chi Kuo spoke about this product.

Several bloggers at once reported that this gadget has been being developed since last year. It is believed to have been codenamed C26.


This accessory will be given the ability to charge one device at a time. The start of its sales is scheduled for the second half of the year. It is noted that the charger will be implemented in conjunction with the version of standard sizes - AirPower.

Its cost will be $ 250. This rug will be able to restore energy reserves of three gadgets at once: AirPods, Apple Watch or iPhone.

To protect against overheating, it will be equipped with an A11 Bionic chip capable of dynamically controlling heat transfer processes. It is not yet known if the Mini version will receive such filling.

Apple Controller

Another new addition expected in 2020 is the Apple Game Controller. The company has long promised to focus on the development of such a device.

Nothing is known about the details of this project, but insiders speculate that the company may offer users a bundle that will include a game controller, Apple TV and an Apple Arcade subscription.


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