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Inside # 7.04: iPhone 12; first Apple Watch prototype; Wi-Fi 6E


Two pieces of information in today's Insider Data Collection are dedicated to Apple products. Let's talk about the nuances of the appearance of the iPhone 12 and the first prototype of the Apple Watch. This watch never became a serial product. Several copies came to one of the collectors, who told everything he knew about them. At the end of the review we will find out when Wi-Fi 6E will debut.

Flagship iPhone 12 will look like iPad Pro and iPhone 5

For several months now, information about the design of the iPhone 12 Pro has been actively circulated on the network. Everyone should calm down now. There is no reason not to trust the information of such a media resource as Bloomberg. It announced yesterday that the iPhone 12 Pro will be similar to the iPad Pro and iPhone 5.


According to the edition, Pro and Pro Max will receive a flat stainless steel frame. It's the same as the iPad Pro and doesn't have the curves of the iPhone 11 Pro. The product also has sharper corners.

In addition, journalists claim that Apple plans to make significant changes to the display design. They intend to use flatter glass instead of the previously used 2.5D glass. So far, this information has not been confirmed in any way, and the persons who provided it do not want publicity.

Such changes may lead to problems with device management. The device will become angular and awkward to handle. This is because some users use gesture control. This process involves swiping from the corners of the screen, which will no longer have comfortable 2.5D glass.

However, the changes in the appearance of the novelty do not end there. An unnamed source said the company has plans for a front notch and front camera. Allegedly, Apple has abandoned major updates to this sector, but the front camera in the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max will receive smaller dimensions.

The main camera will be replenished with one more sensor - lidar, which will be integrated into the module of the new triple device.

Still journalists from Bloomberg claim that the display size of the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be increased to 6.7 inches. In addition, there is data on the use of the new chipset, which focuses on accelerating the tasks of artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

There are assumptions that in May this year, the specialists of the American manufacturer will go to China, where they will do everything to start mass production of the novelty. Most likely, the dates for the start of commercial use of the product will be shifted by several months due to the raging coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to the flagship, two more models will be released: the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 and the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Plus, which have simpler equipment.

The first prototype Apple Watch, which did not go into production, has appeared

In 2015, Apple launched its first smartwatch, the Apple Watch. It is known that before that the company had been working on the final version of the first model for several years. It was formed as a result of several developments - prototypes.

Four such devices accidentally ended up in the collection of one enthusiast who understands gadgets. Now everyone has the opportunity to find out what the appearance of the first Apple Watch could have been.


Most fans of the American tech giant's products are familiar with the design of the first smart watches. The models shown have a different heart rate sensor. Instead of the well-known apple-shaped logo, there is a crossed-out crescent.

These instances are owned by Giulio Zompetti. He said that this clock has not yet turned on, but its electronics are in good condition. The gadgets were accidentally found at one of the e-waste recycling enterprises.

The enthusiast intends to restore the working condition of the gadgets, and at the same time learn about their software. It's definitely not about WatchOS.

Cases of devices are equipped with serial numbers and QR codes. Such a find will definitely be of value to collectors. It is possible that soon this watch will appear on the site of one of the online auctions.

Wi-Fi 6E debuts next year

Many recent electronic devices support Wi-Fi 6, although this technology is not yet widely used.

Despite this, the Wi-Fi Alliance has recently certified the Wi-Fi 6E standard. This is the generation of wireless networks that supports 6 GHz.


In addition to providing faster connection speeds, this protocol will provide better protection against interference. Some media outlets claim that the FCC experts will vote on April 23. They must resolve the issue of opening a new unlicensed frequency band equal to 6 GHz.

The WifiForward Research Center, after receiving this information, made a prediction about the future of the business. According to him, the world's largest brands will receive additional income of $ 180 billion. This will happen over the next five years due to the introduction of the new standard.

By 2025, average wireless speeds will increase to 468 Mbps and power consumption will decrease.

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