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Apple is preparing another budget iPhone with modern filling


In just a few months, Apple plans to release a new low-cost iPhone that will be the successor to another budget smartphone, the iPhone SE. According to experts, the iPhone SE 2 expected in the first quarter of 2020 will have an external resemblance to the eighth iPhone and modern components.

At the level of authoritative rumors

The cost of the new item is still unknown, however, according to authoritative analysts who differ in the accuracy of forecasts for Apple, the cost at which it will be possible to purchase a new iPhone cheap will be about $ 350- $ 400 for an assembly with 32 GB of internal memory. By the way, the predecessor of the iPhone SE at the start of sales (in the spring of 2016) was estimated in the same range.


Experts believe that the company will try to keep its new inexpensive iPhone at a low cost level (in comparison with other Apple smartphones), for which it will repeat the techniques that it used when developing the iPhone SE. In all likelihood, the company will not develop an original design for the SE 2, but uses existing developments. At one time, the iPhone SE repeated the appearance of the iPhone 5S, and for the iPhone SE 2, the design of the eighth iPhone two years ago may well be used. In addition, the SE 2 can replicate the dimensions of the iPhone 8, becoming larger than the 4-inch iPhone SE, since the eighth iPhone has a 4.7-inch diagonal.

Likely specs

The company presented the previous cheapest iPhone in 2016. The iPhone SE was small and had a built-in Touch ID scanner. With the exterior of the 5s, the iPhone has received many of the specifications of the iPhone 6s, including the parameters of the main camera. By analogy with its budget predecessor, the upcoming iPhone SE 2 may also not have the most modern design. However, the smartphone will get many of the technical parameters of the latest iPhone 11 line, including the 7nm A13 chipset.

Innovative solutions in SE 2 are also not worth waiting for. Its RAM is likely to remain at the 3 GB level, although there is a possibility that several modifications will be released depending on the amount of internal storage, starting from 32 GB. Also, don't expect the iPhone SE 2 to support the modern 5G standard.


Target audience

Thus, the new cheap iPhone, which may be released in early 2020, will combine low cost and sufficient performance. Experts attribute it to compatibility with all modern Apple services and iOS capabilities. Additionally, SE 2 will receive constant updates.

iPhone SE 2 is designed for users who prefer Apple products to all smartphones, but they don't like newfangled options, for example, Face ID technology or a multi-module camera. According to analysts, the company will be able to sell up to 40 million units to users who are in no hurry to switch to new models of Apple smartphones. In addition, experts suggested that with the release of SE 2, the entire iPhone 8 family will be closed.

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Author: Jake Pinkman