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New details of next year's iPhone are leaked


Images of the future Apple smartphone under the code name iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is expected to be released only next fall, have leaked to the network. The photos show the new 2020 iPhone as a 3D mockup. This is the first leak that provides the most detailed insight into the design of the 2020 iPhone lineup.


The images show that the design of the future iPhone 2020 combines the external details that Apple has used in its smartphone lines of previous years. So, the future gadget combines elements of the iPhone 4, which was released in 2010, the iPhone X two years ago and the current iPhone 11 Pro.


In the appearance of the future iPhone 12 Pro Max, the details of the iPhone 4 are clearly visible, namely, completely flat side edges without rounding. At the same time, the corners of the device are strongly rounded, which gives a reference to the design of the iPhone X and the following lines. The similarity of the future gadget with the style of the iPhone 4 is also manifested in the design of the back panel and the lower part of the case. The main camera module is made according to the example of model 11 Pro Max. The number of sensors has not changed. The appearance of the bezel and side buttons of the new Apple iPhone next year follows the design of the iPhone X.

The 12 Pro Max has fairly wide bezels on the mock. For the location of the speaker and the face identification sensor above the screen of the future iPhone, a so-called "monobrow" is provided.

Technical parameters

Judging by the images, the new iPhone does not differ in its original design. However, its uniqueness can manifest itself in technical features. There's no Lightning port visible on the iPhone 12 Pro Max mockup, although the manufacturer has no plans to completely eliminate wired connectivity. Therefore, the Lightning connector, based on images, will be replaced by the USB-C solution found in other Apple devices such as modern MacBooks.


By its uniqueness, the new 2020 iPhone has one more feature - a small recess is visible on the side face, which can be used as a magnetic mount for the stylus. The smartphone screen of next year is credited with a 6.7-inch diagonal, and the dimensions of the 3D layout are 15.9x7.8x0.7 cm. The rest of the parameters of the iPhone 12, which is less than a year away from the official presentation, are still classified.

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Author: Jake Pinkman