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Apple Changes Suppliers to Lower iPhone Costs


Apple plans to reduce the cost of manufacturing its products. The company has added a number of Chinese manufacturers offering better pricing to its certified component suppliers in recent months.

Analysts suggest that lower manufacturing costs will reduce the final cost of Apple products to consumers.

China crowded Taiwan

Taiwanese suppliers of components for iPhones, iPads and MacBooks have now been pushed aside by Chinese manufacturers who, in a competitive environment, offer lower prices for similar services. Taiwanese companies are not coping with the situation, they are forced to look for other partners and rely on other areas of work.

For example, the company Simplo Technology, specializing in the production of batteries, stopped working with Apple and now has established the supply of its components for electric scooters.

Chinese battery suppliers Desay Battery Technology and Sunwoda Electronic took over. The Taiwanese Catcher Technology, which produces metal chassis, also dropped the partnership. From now on, parts for Apple products will be supplied by Shenzhen-based Everwin Precision Technology.

New flagships with new build

Three new iPhones are expected to be officially unveiled in September: a flagship smartphone with a 6.5-inch display, a more affordable 6.1-inch device, and a 5.8-inch successor to last year's tenth model.

In addition, the company will release a series of tablets with updated features iPad Pro and smart watches Apple Watch. An affordable MacBook Air and a mini-PC for professionals - the Mac mini - are planned a little later. The future successor to the iPhone X is expected to be more advanced than its predecessor.

At the same time, there is a real possibility that establishing contacts with new suppliers will allow the price of a new smartphone to remain at the current level.

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Author: Jake Pinkman