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Interesting headphones from Apple and Nobby


Such a manufacturer of electronic gadgets as Apple is known all over the world. The company specializes in the production of various electronic devices, some of which are distinguished by extraordinary capabilities. AirPods 2, capable of monitoring the user's health, should appear on the market next year. It is worth telling about them in more detail. In addition, we will appreciate a similar product from Nobby.

Asymmetric Apple AirPods 2

Smart headphones will have some features to monitor the user's health. For attractiveness, they develop an original design.

Apple recently received a patent for its new product. Another idea of the company becomes clear from this document. In it, they attended to the creation of a recognition system that determines the location of this or that earpiece in the ear. An instruction has been developed detailing how to wear asymmetric Apple AirPods 2 in any ear.

Future owners of this device will receive a high-tech product, which is equipped with sensors capable of tracking heart rate and heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure. It is possible that some other parameters that play an important role in the human body will be monitored.

Apple AirPods 2 headphones

Apple AirPods 2 are slated for release in early 2019. However, it is not a fact that all the above functionality will be immediately involved. Most likely, the full equipment of the product will become possible only after the reincarnation of the version launched next year.

These headphones will be a worthy addition to the Apple Watch smartwatch, which also measures a person's health. There are even known cases when they saved the life of their user.

Expert T-110s that sound loud and last longer

The demand for wireless gadgets is not waning. Such products are in vogue, there is a demand for them, the number of proposals is growing. One of the manufacturers of mobile devices Nobby has launched the Expert T-110 headphone model, which supports Bluetooth 5.0 and has a voice assistant.

Dignity and convenience

A careful study of the appearance of the product packaging immediately draws attention to the thoroughness of the work done. It is original, made of high quality cardboard, equipped with a magnetic fastener. Even its color scheme, made in coral-black-silver tones, has been thought out.

New items are standard. It includes: USB charging cable, silicone eartips, plastic headphone case and documents. The case is transparent, equipped with magnets for easy fixation.

Expert T-110 headphones

Control and communication

The control is carried out according to the standard scheme. The back of each headphone is a large button. Everything is decided by the duration and the number of clicks on it. Also, when controlling, it is important to know which earphone needs to be influenced to obtain a particular result.

For example, if you press any button three times, you will get access to the voice assistant Siri or Google Assistant.

The manufacturer conscientiously approached the design of the device. There is a rubberized protrusion around the entire perimeter for various manipulations. It is convenient to take the headphones for it when you put them in your ears.

Expert T-110 headphones

Any changes are voiced by a pleasant female voice, the body of each product is equipped with LEDs. They change colors depending on the degree of importance of this or that information.

It is possible to use only one earpiece. It will work in mono mode. By default, the right earpiece is the presenter, it is the first to set up and connect.

T-110 quickly enough to interface with any gadget. At the same time, the connection is of high quality. The credit for this belongs not only to Bluetooth version 5.0, but also to the installed adapter. An additional condition for good communication is that the paired device has the same Bluetooth version. However, even if it is less advanced, the switching level will always be good.

Expert T-110 headphones

Runtime and sound

The manufacturer claims that its product can be operated without recharging for 45 hours. This amounts to several days of active use.

The sound quality is excellent. Headphones reproduce cleanly, full, bright. Experts estimate their frequency balance as close to ideal. The ear cushions allow you to choose any size of ear cushions for comfortable listening.

Summing up, we can say that Nobby has a promising product for an adequate price.

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