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Nuances of technical equipment of three models of wireless headphones from realme, ORRO and Anker


The wearable electronic device market today is vast and diverse. Wireless headphones take a special place here. These accessories have now become better quality and more functional. Among the large number of such gadgets, it is not easy for a common man to choose a product that would suit him not only with its characteristics, but also with its price. Let's talk about three models of headphones from different manufacturers, each of which has its own nuances.

Realme AirPods alternative

A few days ago, during another special event, realme presented its new X2 smartphone and Buds Air wireless headphones.

They are made as compact liners. The product has received a Bluetooth 5.0 module, touch control and wireless charging function. It was also equipped with a noise canceling function in headset mode for clear transmission of the owner's voice.

This model was the first in the line of realme TWS headphones. Its 12mm drivers feature bass boost technology. To connect to a signal source, the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol is used here.


The device has several interesting features. Among them is a special game mode with a reduced signal delay time. There is also support for the AAC codec, which efficiently converts music files using the Bluetooth protocol. It is also worth noting the presence of the functionality of quick activation of the voice assistant of the smartphone.

Each earphone is equipped with two microphones. This improves the sound quality when the user is talking on the phone. They are also always used by the noise reduction system, which makes it unobtrusive and efficient.

An additional advantage of Buds Air is the presence of special sensors that facilitate their automatic connection to the smartphone after being removed from the case-case. After removing the headphones from the auricle, the smart program pauses playback, waiting for further commands.

The case is able to replenish Buds Air with additional energy, so the total autonomy of the device is 17 hours.

The package includes a wireless charger, you can also charge the product via the USB Type-C port.

These TWS earbuds are available to order from the Flipkart online store for US $ 56 in black, white and yellow housings and will be available from retail on 23 December.

Sales of ORROS wireless headphones started in USA

December 19 official sales of OPPO Enco Q1 headphones have begun in our country.


This model is the first in the company's range of products to feature hybrid noise canceling. This system includes two microphones for direct and feedback. They are used to track ambient sounds. There is also a special digital chip that eliminates their influence in real time. Therefore, the user hears only music or the words of the interlocutor while talking on the phone.

Enco Q1 are comfortable. This is facilitated by the presence of a rim with a smooth shape with threads of titanium alloy. They are durable and quickly regain their original shape. The earbuds are shaped like the inner part of the human ear, and the SoftF earbuds create additional noise isolation.

The device has received three playback modes, thanks to 11.8 mm speakers with composite diaphragms, listening to music is a pleasure. Especially if the user appreciates having enough bottoms in them.

The battery capacity is 160 mAh, which allows you to forget about charging for 15 hours. Abandoning the active noise canceling mode can increase this figure to 22 hours.

The headphones are also not afraid of water and moisture (there is IPX4 protection). They can be charged in 10 minutes to a level that allows you to listen to music for 4 hours.

The cost of OPPO Enco Q1 is 6,990 rubles.

TVS-headphones from Anker

Anker recently presented its new product - Soundcore Liberty Air 2.


These headphones are equipped with thermoplastic polyurethane drivers to enhance bass, and their special diamond coating helps to expand the number of transmitted frequencies by 15%. The aptX codec is used to transmit a signal with minimal loss.

Lovers of individual settings will appreciate the presence of the HearID mobile application. With its help, you can really adjust the sound based on your preferences, using an equalizer for this. It optimizes the process to match the genre of the music you are listening to.

The image shows that the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 comes with a storage and charging case. Without it, their autonomy is no more than 7 hours. The case allows you to charge the headphones three times, increasing this figure up to 28 hours.

To replenish the energy of the case, you can use both the wireless method and the wired one - via the USB Type-C connector. There is a quick charge functionality.

Separately, it is worth talking about the noise reduction technology used here from Qualcomm. In the presence of a noisy environment, it separates the interlocutor's voice from other sounds. This amplifies the user's own voice.

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 comes with a USB Type-C cable and five pairs of ear pads of different sizes.

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