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Review of inexpensive realme Buds Air headphones


The range of TWS headphones is constantly updated with new models. Now this trend is in vogue; even those manufacturers who previously specialized in the development of other electronics have begun to release such accessories. One of these developers is realme, which recently introduced a wireless gadget with a ton of useful functionality. Let's talk about it in more detail.

Appearance is usual, but internal content is different

Upon initial examination of the realme Buds Air earbuds, it is impossible to determine their manufacturer. There is no brand data on their cases. The only way to recognize the device is by the modest logo on the charging case. Users who understand this will probably conclude that developers are modest, believing that content is more important than external pretentiousness.


The proprietary R1 chip is used as a platform for Buds Air. This allowed the creators to endow the device with many interesting functionality, most of which are not available from competitors. It has an ultra-low latency audio mode for gamers.

In order to make a quick and simultaneous connection to the sound source for two cases, a combination of the Bluetooth v5.0 interface and Google Fast Pair technology is used. Pairing starts immediately after opening the lid of the case. By the time the earphones are fixed in the user's ears, everything is ready.

Both headphones are equipped with optical sensors. Thanks to them, playback stops at the moment they are removed from the ears. It also starts automatically when the accessory is installed on the workplace.

Each earphone is equipped with two microphones. The second helps in the operation of the ENC system, which suppresses external noise. Therefore, while talking on the phone, the interlocutor hears everything clearly.

Buds Air are controlled by sensors. The back part of the gadget became the place for the sensitive part of the gadget, which favorably distinguishes the product from its competitors. This approach reduces the likelihood of false positives, as it significantly reduces the number of accidental clicks.


But there is one drawback. It lies in the impossibility of adjusting the volume on the device. To do this, you have to use the capabilities of the signal source.

But there is support for the Google voice assistant, which is important.

Two possibilities of one case

To charge the complete case, there is a cable with a USB-C connector. Also for this purpose, it is permissible to use a wireless type of memory, which is very rare for TWS models in this price category.

The battery life of the device corresponds to the declared one. When using the product as a headset (then you need to remove one earphone), it will double. If you suddenly want to return to the stereo effect, you just need to insert a second earpiece. It will connect automatically. No additional manipulation is required for this.

Sound features

Most of the analogs made in China have a small frequency imbalance. There is a distinct shift towards the high.

However, in the case of Buds Air, this is not quite the case. They produce an even sound that is characterized by evenness in frequency balance. Only for this is the AAC connection required. Not all smartphones work well with this codec, so you need to take this fact into account. The accessory received a solid volume margin. Any genre of music sounds good here. The difference in sound quality between normal and game modes is minimal.


Headphones are well suited for those who have the shape of the ears corresponding to their type. This is especially true for bass response. In this case, they will be enough.

Owners of the "wrong" ears will have to be content with a sound that is detached from the bass base. This is typical for all models of this type. Fans of this type of headphones understand what is at stake and take into account all the nuances of their operation.


Buds Air are made in the form of TWS earbuds. They are designed to play music and speech files, can be used as a headset. Headphones are controlled by sensors.

The headphones have dynamic drivers installed, they are able to work with SBC, AAC codecs. The Bluetooth 5.0 wireless interface is used to communicate with the signal source.

The autonomy of the device is 3 hours; using the complete charging case increases it to 17 hours. For this, a USB-C connector is provided. Wireless charging possible.

Each earphone weighs 4.2 grams, including the case - 42 grams.


Buds Air wireless headphones leave a good impression. They are made of quality materials and provide a solid and spacious sound. Users will love the noise cancellation system and gamers will appreciate the low latency audio.


Another advantage of the model is the ability to wirelessly charge the device. The disadvantages of the gadget include small autonomy, which is well compensated by the complete case-case.

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Author: Jake Pinkman