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Samsung Galaxy Buds Wireless Headphones


Many manufacturers promise to showcase their new developments in wireless headphones in 2019. There will be many models, among them such recognized and sought-after products as the second generation AirPods. Samsung devices will compete with this product.

Design and some features

In addition to the gadget itself, the set of the Samsung Galaxy Buds headphones includes a box with a charging case, a USB-C cable, three sets of silicone earbuds with locks and an instruction manual.

Samsung Galaxy Buds price

You can immediately notice that the product is small in size. They got a triangular appearance and good ergonomics. For secure fit and ease of use, you can use one of three silicone ear pads or rubber earbuds. You can listen to musical pieces in them for long time intervals, hours. This does not cause any discomfort.

Galaxy Buds products have a fairly high battery life. They will easily work for six hours in the most active mode of their operation. Competing counterparts cannot afford this.

It should be said that there is one minor disadvantage in this area. The headphones can only be recharged from the case once. While, for example, devices manufactured by Apple and Jabra are equipped with a reusable option for this feature.

However, a total of 12-13 hours of operation of the Galaxy Buds will be enough for the average user.

Samsung Galaxy Buds headphones

The gadget is equipped with additional functionality: touch buttons for switching tracks, volume control; laser equalizer. Everything is customizable thanks to the capabilities of the Samsung Wear app.

Functions and sound

This product is so small that it can be easily lost. Therefore, the function "Find headphones" will be useful. In addition, each earphone has a microphone inside to analyze their surroundings for noise levels and outgoing loudness. A special program allows you to suppress it by selecting the appropriate volume level of adjustment.

This allows the Galaxy Buds to function as a headset.

They are IPX2 dust and water resistant, so they can be used during fitness, jogging or any other workout. Also, do not be afraid of the consequences while cycling in them. Anyone with normal hearing will hear the noise of an approaching car or a shout.

These earplugs are comfortable to wear thanks to silicone ear cushions and a deep fit. Among other things, this allows you to properly adjust, "for yourself", the frequency range of the music you listen to. Low frequencies will not cut your ears, and bass will create a feeling of warmth and dynamism of the whole process.

Anyone who has tuned in accordance with their requests an equalizer preset will receive additional features. Its ranges are selected in full accordance with all existing musical genres.

At the same time, do not expect anything extraordinary from these devices. These are not professional headphones with many adjustments and possibilities. But, for their price, they have good functionality and sound quality that surpasses most of their counterparts.

Connection and summary

Samsung Galaxy Buds use Bluetooth 5.0 wireless capabilities to connect, regardless of the location of the sound source in the apartment. The range of their action is quite impressive.

Samsung Galaxy Buds headphones russia

Summing up the overall result of this review, it should be said that Galaxy Buds received a lot of useful functionality, autonomy equal to 6 hours of continuous work. With a price tag of $ 129, they are the most interesting offer on the market for such devices.

Separately, I would like to remind you about the manufacturer. South Korean company Samsung has a reputation for developing and supplying quality products. Therefore, you can safely guarantee that for a long time, these wireless headphones and all the equipment and accessories attached to them will last as long as they should.

Several years of pleasure are guaranteed for any user, even the most demanding.

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