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Two interesting audio gadgets


Electronic device manufacturers are constantly improving their products. Active research is underway in all directions. After all, consumers and users are constantly demanding interesting new products, including those from the world of audio devices. This review is dedicated to Samsung wireless headphones and the FiiO BTA10 amplifier.

Headphones that can be charged with a smartphone

On February 20, one of the Samsung events will take place, where they will talk about new products from this manufacturer. The presentation and active discussion of the Galaxy S10 is expected, but there is information according to which some other novelties will be shown to the public. The publication Winfuture, which specializes in obtaining information on the development of gadgets, has provided data characterizing the company's wireless headphones, announced in the near future. These are Samsung Galaxy Buds, which have interesting functionality that allows them to be wirelessly charged from another electronic device.


In the published image, you can see a product that looks strongly reminiscent of the Samsung Gear IconX 2018. Upon closer examination, some differences become apparent. The body of the charging case of this gadget has a smaller size, it is equipped with LED indicators and an original recess to simplify the opening process.


Anyone who has used wireless products will realize that they are very easy to use. The main thing is that there are no constantly tangled wires. However, this adds one small problem - there is a need to constantly monitor the charge level of such headphones. They require regular charging.

Here is the main advantage of the presented gadget over analogues. It can be recharged by placing it on the smartphone body. This is facilitated by the presence of wireless functionality oriented in this direction.

This solution was recognized by many experts as the best at present. There are a lot of scientific ideas on the problem of wireless transmission of energy between devices. Someone proposes to carry out this process by air, others are looking for other alternatives. However, in terms of practicality, the method used is second to none.

The technology used by Koreans is already being practiced by some other gadget manufacturers. For example, Huawei's Mate 20 Pro is also equipped with it. However, this does not mean that this particular company will dominate the market. Huawei devices beat all sales records in Asia, the CIS and USA. But in Europe and the United States, they have been set up with a tough barrier, which the Chinese are unlikely to overcome in the near future. How the Americans do not want to give up their advanced positions and are doing everything for this.

Apple AirPods are the leader in this segment, although they cannot be considered truly wireless devices. They seized the dominance in the market due to the presence of: significant battery life, ultra-compact case and functionality that allows them to integrate with other Apple products.


Galaxy Buds have their own undeniable benefits. This is a thoughtful design, convenience and reliability. These qualities will soon help them win the hearts and minds of most users. The main argument in this dispute may be the price. Here, most likely, the advantage will again be with the Korean brand. They have always been flexible in this matter.

FiiO Wireless Amplifier

FiiO has been on the electronic products market for over ten years. It gained popularity thanks to the production of speakers, amplifiers, communicators and other similar products. Its products always comply with the basic principles of reliability, convenience, practicality and creativity.

FiiO BTA10 wireless amplifier possesses these qualities. It is designed to be paired with Audio-Technica headphones. The product is equipped with a Qualcomm QCC3005 Bluetooth chip, a Texas Instruments TPA6132A2 amplifier and a capacious battery. With it, you can actually listen to music for more than eight hours.

Additionally, we can note the presence of a built-in microphone. It makes it possible to use headphones as a headset.


AAC, aptX, aptX Low Latency and SBC codecs are supported. At the bottom of the device there are three buttons for adjusting the volume level, switching tracks and talking on the phone. Calls are accepted without removing the headphones. The existing functionality contributes to this.

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Author: Jake Pinkman