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Advantages and disadvantages of Realme Buds Air wireless headphones


Many users have already appreciated the products of Realme, the range of which includes devices for various purposes. The company has sufficient experience in the development of headphones, including wireless ones. Another product of hers is not very unique, but has a good price / quality ratio.

Design and specifications

Externally, TWS wireless headphones Realme Buds Air strongly resemble Apple AirPods.


Despite the fact that there are a number of significant differences (for example, a flatter headphone barrel), they will still be compared with the product of the American company.

The device comes with a square case. It is made of glossy plastic. There is an LED indicator and one control button.


On the other side of the case there is the manufacturer's logo, and on the bottom there is a USB Type-C port for charging. The housing lid is a pleasure to open due to a pleasant click and precise fixation in a given position. Each earbud is attached with magnets that securely hold them inside the case.

The Buds Air themselves have the shape of a spherical bud. They are not equipped with silicone pads, which indicates the possibility of partial leakage of sound outward and vice versa.

Each of the headphones received a microphone. Thus, the manufacturer improves the efficiency of the noise reduction system during phone calls.

Among the abundance of technical characteristics of the device, it is worth mentioning the use of the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol in its operation, which ensures a stable and high-quality connection. The Buds Air is also equipped with 12mm dynamic transducers, IP54 dust and moisture protection, call control and music control functionality.

The operation of the product can be controlled using voice commands, there is a bone voice sensor.

The earbuds received a 43 mAh battery, and the case - 410 mAh. Buds Air has a battery life of 4 hours and needs 90 minutes to fully charge.

Users note that these headphones fit well in their ears and do not fall out even during intense sports. Their usability is also high.

Connect and Control

Realme Buds Air has a proprietary chipset developed by the Realme R1 brand. This allowed the manufacturer to incorporate a lot of interesting functionality into the device.


The process of connecting headphones to a smartphone is simple and does not take much time. They automatically pair with it each time you remove it from the case after the initial quick setup.

Developers use two-channel audio transmission technology to increase processing independence. Therefore, it is easy to adjust the volume in any of the headphones using touch controls. You can also flip through tracks, start or stop them.

Testers and users point to the good quality of the connection system, which does not allow failures, disconnections, delays. It does not take much time to master the device management. If you need to answer a call, start playing or pause music, you need to double-click on the top of the buds.

To skip a track, activate the voice assistant, reject a call, just touch the body three times or hold down one of the control buttons.

It is noteworthy that the manufacturer has provided for the possibility of accidental touching, so there will be no reaction from a single touch of the headphones.

Those who want to get complete information about the functionality of the product should know that it is equipped with an e-sports mode and an intelligent in-ear detection function. The first reduces the operating range to 6 meters to improve the bitrate. The second allows you to pause playback when the headphones are removed from your ears.

Sound quality and autonomy

Realme Buds Air only support SBC sub-band codecs and advanced AAC audio codecs. The results are the same when used on different platforms. They sound loud, which is not typical for a device of this class.

There is one peculiarity in the output frequency range of the headphones. It is biased towards the middle. The low ones are good here, but lack depth. The high frequencies are not of good quality, but they do not spoil the overall picture.


From all this, we can conclude that a gadget is suitable for an ordinary user, but music lovers will have to look for something more expensive.

Headphones do not cause any problems while talking on the phone. Their noise cancellation works fine, the sound quality is high.

The total autonomy of Buds Air is 17 hours. This is if you use a cover. Their own batteries are capable of providing the device with energy for 4 hours.

It takes at least 60 minutes to fully charge. To do this, you can resort to Qi fast wireless charging, which connects to the case.


Realme Buds Air are simple in design and operation. They have good autonomy, high-quality and fast pairing, low cost (about 4000 rubles).

For this money, you can close your eyes to the average sound level and design, reminiscent of an analogue from one American company.

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Author: Jake Pinkman