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Wireless headphones from Sony and two models from Soul


Sony is known worldwide. She stood at the origins of many modern trends in the electronics industry. Its products are of high quality and in demand.

There are many new names on the high-tech gadgets market lately. One of these is Soul. This company was founded in 2009, but it has recently started to supply our country.

Let's talk about several products from these manufacturers.

Fast noise canceling headphones

Sony is one of the leaders in noise canceling headphones. It recently introduced another similar product with a long and confusing name - WF-1000XM3.

It has received a number of unique features. These headphones stand out from their environment with touch control, the ability to work in standalone mode for six hours (or eight, but without it), the presence of a charging case. He is able to increase this indicator by one day.


For quick communication with the outside world without removing the gadget, there is a special touch panel on the left earpiece, by touching which you can listen to an important announcement or talk to someone.

This device is aesthetically pleasing but not too compact. There are also smaller gadgets. However, it is not cumbersome and many users find the available sizes to be the most optimal.

Of particular note is the WF-1000XM3's sound quality. The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX (DSEE HX) technology is provided here to "decompress" compressed audio formats. This improves the quality of the product and contributes to the ability to reproduce 24-bit sound, the depth of which is similar to that of a studio.


It is also necessary to note the company's contribution to the formation of audio delay during video playback. Loss of sync may have been noticed when using headphones from other manufacturers or watching YouTube or Netflix.

Sony claims that its engineers have solved this problem. The WF-1000XM3 comes with advanced processors.

Their presence also improves the sound quality of calls received through this product. This is facilitated by the presence of noise canceling and specialized microphones. They add crystal freshness to the sound.

Experts believe that at the moment, these headphones are the best wireless and noise canceling headphones on the market. Their prices on Amazon start at $ 230.

Soul ST-XS 2

Recently, representatives of Soul announced the imminent start of sales of ST-XS 2 headphones.


The main distinguishing features of this device are its water resistance, the presence of neodymium magnets in the construction, and support for the AAC codec, which is necessary to reduce the loss of quality during wireless sound transmission. It also uses Bluetooth version 5.0, there is a mode for listening to the environment.

The autonomy of the headphones is five hours. Using the special case included in the delivery set allows for 4 recharges of the gadget. They are pleasant to the touch, equipped with ergonomic mounts for better fixation in the auricles when playing sports.


The degree of protection against water corresponds to the IPx7 class. This allows you to listen to music tracks during your water workouts.

Soul Pure Wireless Plus

Another interesting model is the Soul Pure Wireless Plus, equipped with 8mm drivers and neodymium magnets. This allowed us to obtain balanced sound in the entire used frequency range - from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

The battery allows the product to work offline for 10 hours.


The headphones have received a comfortable design. They are equipped with special magnetic fasteners that allow you to wear the Soul Pure Wireless Plus around your neck when you are not listening to music.

High levels of autonomy of the device are formed due to support for the energy-efficient standard Bluetooth 5.0. In addition, they received fast charging, which contributes to a low time investment in energy replenishment.


Also, the headphones are endowed with a built-in headset, trained to communicate with iOS and Android devices, there is an IPX5 standard moisture protection. For discerning users, there are four color options to choose from: black, pink, blue, silver.

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Author: Jake Pinkman