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Why Audeze Planar Headphones, Samsung TWS Device and New Dyson Headset Are Good


The product range of electronics manufacturers is constantly growing. New products are introduced to the market. For example, you won't surprise anyone with ordinary headphones. Users are looking for something unusual, original. Let's talk about three new products from Audeze, Samsung and Dyson. Each of them has its own characteristics.

Famous Brand Product

Many music lovers are familiar with the producer Audeze. The basis of its assortment is made up of planar headphones, which differ not only in impressive dimensions, but also in price. Not so long ago, a model appeared on the market, which is distinguished by its compact size and relatively modest price. It is the foldable Audeze LCD-1 headphones.


They weigh only 250 grams. For this developer, this parameter is almost a record. The device received neither a Bluetooth connection, nor a built-in microphone, nor an active noise cancellation system. Therefore, it can be considered a classic among analogues. It will appeal to connoisseurs of sound, not electronic bells and whistles.

In addition, Audeze LCD-1 is equipped with open emitters, which will not allow you to be alone with music in a public place. The creators of the model were against the fact that everyday troubles were above good sound.

The device has received a good sensitivity (99 dB / mW) with an impedance of only 16 ohms. This suggests that the amplifier of any smartphone will master the work with this model.

If we talk about the materials used in the production of headphones, it is worth noting that all parts of the plastic construction are made by casting. Therefore, their surface is hard and high quality.

Both earpieces are attached with a steel strap equipped with a leather-trimmed patch.

The ear cushions received a similar foam pad, which is covered with the same material. It has a memory effect, so the headphones will sit on your head as if they were made to order.


For easy transportation, the Audeze LCD-1 can be easily folded into a special handy and hard case.

Music lovers will surely appreciate the quality of the supplied two-meter cord with metal plugs.

The main feature of the headphones is the presence of magneto-planar emitters with a bunch of different functionalities. This allows them to give them more than just high-quality sound. It has not the slightest distortion. Especially if you use a good DAC in your work. This confirms the range of declared frequencies in which the product works successfully - from 10 Hz to 50 kHz.

Samsung Galaxy Buds + Key Features

Samsung Galaxy Buds + TWS headphones will be presented soon. Until now, little was known about them. The situation was corrected by the well-known insider Max Weinbach, who told on the network about their characterizing data and estimated cost.


The key difference between this model and the previous one is that the device has more powerful batteries. A battery with a capacity of 82 mAh was placed inside each earphone. The charging case also received a high-capacity battery. Now it has 270 mAh in reserve (the previous modification had 258 mAh).

All this increased the autonomy of the device. It is announced at 11 hours of playback time. The manufacturer also claims that three minutes of charging using a fast charger will allow you to use the headphones for an hour.

Externally, the new product is no different from the device sold now. She just had a microphone on the case. The filling has received a low-frequency driver, which will improve the sound quality.

The Galaxy Buds + are expected to be presented on February 11 in several color options. Their housings will receive shades of black, white, blue and red.

An insider claims that the headphones will cost € 169.

A gadget by Dyson to help you clean your air

The British manufacturer of vacuum cleaners decided to try its hand at developing headphones equipped with equipment to improve the ecology of our planet.

Recently it became known that Dyson received a patent for the production of a headset with an integrated air purifier. In this way, the specialists of the company decided to provide all possible assistance in improving the quality of the air in cities and other settlements. For this, the gadget will be equipped with a double headband. The second will fold down to the location of the respiratory system in order to supply the user with purified air.


The main cleaning mechanism is located in the ear cups along with the electric motors. They are able to pass through the filtration system up to 1.5 liters of air per second, while rotating at a speed of 12,000 rpm.

For comparison, we can recall that coolers in a PC have 10 times less performance than this. Dyson vacuum cleaners are equipped with motors that rotate at 120,000 rpm. On the contrary, this is 10 times more.

It is not yet clear how serious are the intentions of the British regarding the release of the above headphone model. Many times, promising and original patents have remained on paper, being only a subject for discussion and criticism.

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