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Audeze LCD-X Headphone Review: Many Will Like It


It is believed that adults differ from children only in the cost of toys. With age, you have to pay more for them. It is difficult to argue with this, but it can be argued that some toys can seriously expand the capabilities of a creative person. Such, for example, as headphones from Audeze. Let's tell you more about their new product.

Interesting title

Most of Audeze's products have simple names. In the line, they differ only in the series and the serial number of the model. It's not that simple with the Audeze LCD-X headphones. The secret of their name lies in the fact that this accessory was created for both amateurs and professionals. The latter are always for the natural presentation of sound, without falsity, embellishments and stylization.


Therefore, instead of a serial number, the name contains a mysterious X. The result of the efforts of the developers was a product that combines the capabilities of the flagship LCD-4 gadget and the capabilities of the simpler and more affordable LCD-2 Classic. If we discuss such a term as accessibility, then here everything is relative. All Audeze headphones are manufactured in the USA, they are equipped with magneto-planar radiators and are of impeccable quality. Such devices cannot be cheap.

Detailed construction description

Almost all of the company's products have impressive dimensions. The American manufacturer is not shy about this issue. Sound quality is at the forefront. To do this, developers can even use 106mm diaphragms with powerful magnets, which increases the total weight of the structure to 635 grams.

Audeze LCD-X received round cups, which are attached to each other using a metal headband. It is made of steel tape.


All metal parts of the structure have a matte enamel coating, which is highly durable.

The cups of the product are made of aluminum alloy, which is black anodized. Each has a separate mini-XLR connector for balanced connection. However, the cord used in this process is braided with a ”jack.

The ear cushions have a pleasant-to-touch natural leather finish. They are filled with a foamed polymer that allows them to keep their shape.


The inside of the headband is covered with perforated leather, which has the same excellent finish. Its width is wider than the headband itself. This approach allows you to get a structure that distributes the load well and does not cause discomfort.

Such concern for users will not be left without the attention of professionals. They will surely appreciate the ability to completely cover the ears with ear cushions with virtually no contact with the casing. This will allow you to keep the headphones on for a long time without experiencing any inconvenience.

The nuances of execution

Audeze LCD-X are not equipped with various, fashionable nowadays functionality, which does not always improve the sound quality. There is no noise reduction system here either. But there is a membrane with an area of 88 mm2. There is also a diaphragm, which is made of a thin polymer film. Those interested will be pleased to know that it is thinner than a hair, but very durable.

This is done in order to obtain the minimum mass of the radiating surface, which leads to an increase in the dynamics of the sound and suppression of nonlinear distortion.

Solid-mass Fluxor neodymium magnets, which are installed on both sides of each membrane, provide additional assistance in solving this problem.

As a result, the sound waves generated in such a complex way are finally shaped by means of Fazor's proprietary compact waveguide system. Moreover, to optimize the frequency-phase characteristics, a layer of damping material is applied to the outer grilles of the cups.

How it works

To get a comprehensive understanding of how LCD-Xs work, testers connected them to multiple devices. As a result, they received a lot of pleasant experiences and left rave reviews.

Everyone agreed that the "ears" produce a dense, embossed sound that is delicately balanced and precise. The rhythm and melody of any composition is perceived naturally.


We should also talk about the dynamics of sound. The sound is spacious and open. The middle bass does not stick out, the lower ones do not get washed out. The treble does not itch or lock up. All tone shades are well preserved.


Audeze LCD-X on-ear full-size headphones received an isodynamic driver and open acoustic design. They operate over a frequency range of 10 Hz to 50,000 Hz with an impedance of 20 ohms. Their sensitivity is 103 dB / mW. The accessory is best used with an amplifier with a maximum power of more than 250 mW. The sound pressure level of the device does not exceed 130 dB. Product weight is 635 grams.


Audeze LCD-X is a quality, thoughtful and expensive product. This is a product made in the USA. This alone says a lot. The sound quality of the headphones is top notch. They can be proud of as a cool car or some kind of gadget.

However, it should be understood that the device needs a good sound source. It is unlikely that a music lover will listen to something reproduced by an old smartphone. This requires a more interesting apparatus.

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