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Acoustics Irbis and Creative in USA


Our country is a good market for products of various types. This is used by many manufacturers of electronic systems and gadgets. Also, our users are not indifferent to companies that develop various acoustic devices and components. Among them are Irbis and Creative. The two companies have recently announced the delivery of a number of their new products. Let's tell you more about them.

A product that will help you manage your smart home

Recently, the Irbis company announced the expansion of the capabilities of one of the previously presented products of the company - the Irbis A. smart speaker.


Now it allows not only to communicate with the voice assistant "Alice", receiving a lot of interesting information from him, but also to manage the "smart home" system from "Yandex".

This speaker system makes it possible to search the Internet for music, movies, set an alarm, receive information about the news or weather forecast. Now you can additionally control various household appliances and gadgets using your voice.

For example, really ask "Alice" to turn on or off a compatible electrical device, adjust the intensity of work and the temperature of the air supplied to the room by the air conditioner. Control of light, washing machine, etc. is also available.

Yandex's smart home system is already compatible with the appliances of a number of brands, such as Philips, Xiaomi, Samsung and Redmond. In the near future, its capabilities will increase due to the addition of devices from Elari, Perenio IoT, Bosch, SAPFIR and Z-Wave to this list.


The cost of this smart speaker in our country is 3,290 rubles.

Recently the Creative company announced the release on the USA market of several of its products equipped with Super X-Fi audio holography technology.

This development is supported by the SXFI AMP USB DAC and SXFI Air headphones. Among the new products, the deliveries of which have begun to our market, are also the Creative Outlier Air headphones.

Super X-Fi

Scientists have proven that the auditory perception of any person on Earth depends on the shape of his head and ears. Thanks to the new Super X-Fi technology, artificial intelligence collects all information about the user. After that, a series of calculations takes place, using several complex algorithms that allow you to customize the sound individually for each person.


This allows you to get the sound of any musical compositions in high quality, as if they were using expensive professional audio systems.


This unit is a combination of a powerful headphone amplifier and Super X-Fi technology. To connect it, use USB Type-C or another port through adapters. If you synchronize SXFI AMP with a PC, then additional features of the gadget are revealed. They consist in the ability to listen to content in 5.1 or 7.1 format.


The processor of the product carries out processing of digital sound using a unique technology, after which it is converted into analog. Then it is amplified and transmitted to the user for listening.


The SXFI AIR and SXFI AIR C headphones are the first products from the company to feature Super X-Fi technology. They are equipped with 50mm neodymium drivers for powerful sound quality.

The SXFI AIR can connect via Bluetooth and USB to platforms such as Mac, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and mobile devices. It can also function as a standalone player, playing MP3, WAV, WMA and FLAC files from microSD cards. To do this, one of the cups has a touch control unit that makes available switching tracks and adjusting the sound.


The SXFI AIR C gadget is a Super X-Fi gaming headset. It is equipped with a ClearComms microphone that is tuned for natural voice transmission.

Creative Outlier Air

The Creative Outlier Air is a completely wireless headphone with an autonomy of up to 10 hours. They come with a case that allows them to be recharged twice. In total, it turns out 30 hours of independence from the outlet.


Thanks to the use of graphene membranes in the design, the sound of the headphones conveys the entire frequency range, from low to high. Vibration and distortion are excluded. To maintain and transmit high-quality communication over the air, the device uses a Qualcomm QCC302x processor.

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