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What to see from the movies on Saturday night: Somewhere in Time / Fare (2018)


We have a selection of Groundhog Day films. But quite often new films are released on the subject of "time swirls", and the picture "Somewhere in Time", which today we recommend to everyone who cannot decide what to watch from films, just from this category.

What is the movie "Somewhere in Time" about

The film begins with a taxi driver at work. It is a little surprising that he is driving through some nondescript and "decadent" territory. But, having speculated a little, we estimate that not everywhere outside the city there are fabulous forests and rich greenery. For example, having left the same Las Vegas and drove a little towards Nevada, you will see only one nondescript semi-desert for a long time. So, we stop paying attention to this. Stop for now.


But it is not this that is heating up in the first place, but the fact that the film was shot in black and white. Although, as it turned out later, the world around will be black and white only for the time being.

So, back to our taxi driver, by the way, his name is Harris. He listens to the radio, some chatter about aliens, speaks on the radio with the dispatcher, takes the order and drives to the announced address. On the spot, in the evening (or whatever it is - it is not clear) twilight, a charming mestizo with slanted eyes awaits him. She gets into the car and he, turning on the payment counter, takes her to the indicated address.

On the way, a conversation is struck up between them and, in general, they have a great time talking. Meanwhile, outside the window, bad weather flares up, and lightning flashes over the desert post-apocalyptic horizon, accompanied by its eternal companion - thunder.


The dispatcher warns Harris about worsening weather. He replies that, they say, he himself is not blind, when suddenly the car loses electricity, as if all the energy was sucked out of the generator and battery for no reason. The car stalls, Harris presses on the brakes and does not have time to open his mouth, as the electricity returns to the auto circuit.

He turns abruptly to ask his fellow traveler if everything is all right with her, but discovers that she has disappeared from the car without a trace, as if she did not exist at all. He reports everything to the dispatcher, but he ignores his words, telling him to return to the park and be careful.

And, most importantly, insists that Harrison reset the billing counter!

What he actually does, after which he again finds himself in the moment from which it all began. The road is again deserted, the radio is chatting about aliens, a thunderstorm begins, and the same fellow traveler gets into his car, about whom, by the way, he does not remember anything.

And again.

And again.

Until, at one of the moments, some animal crashes into the car and Harris, turning to his fellow traveler, touches her hand. And then, suddenly, the world blossoms with colors, and at the moment of the next "timeback" he realizes with amazement that he remembers the name of his fellow traveler - Penny.

And learns an even stranger thing. It turns out that while he forgot all the previous recurring moments, the girl remembered every trip they shared. But why? We have to find out by watching the film. The ending, we promise, will still be the same! Watching the trailer.

Yes, there are only two actors in the film. Except for the voice of the dispatcher, of course, and other third-party passengers, who diluted the plot in the second part. But you cannot call the picture “non-atmospheric”. It is completely self-sufficient in any respect, and if you consider that its main meaning is far beyond the usual ...

Everyone. Let's be silent. Otherwise it will be the most natural spoiler.

Cons of questions

At first glance, in the picture you can see a huge bunch of inconsistencies and absurdities. Here is just a small list of questions that any viewer will have:

  • What coin falls from the seat at the next timeback and why doesn't Harrison pick it up?
  • Where does a stranger come from in the middle of a country road?
  • Where is the city and houses, if he is taking her to a city address?
  • Why didn't the driver call the police and report the missing client?
  • Why wasn’t the dispatcher amazed and sounded the alarm when he found out about the missing fellow traveler? Well, or, at worst, when I found out that one of his drivers had the roof off?
  • Why, when he finds that his seat belt is stuck, does he make no effort to free himself from it?
  • If Harris and Penny know the names of all modern performers, why does he tax on an ancient car with a mechanical payment counter and in the age of total smartphoneization of the population listens to the radio receiver of the 80s of the last century?

And so on and so forth. And that's not all that will inflame and anger you in the first part of the film.

The pros in the answers

But, believe me, the second half of the film, or rather, its last quarter, will answer all the questions and explain all the problems and inconsistencies, in connection with which everything will fall into place. This is the case when in the end you realize that the casket was just opening. But without the key, it would still not be possible to open it.

And the contents of the casket will be even more extravagant, we promise you that!


Anyone who has decided to follow our next advice on what to see from the films can safely follow the link below:

Watch the movie "Somewhere in Time" online

And on this we say goodbye to you until next week. We wish everyone a happy old New Year, great mood and, as always, more cool movies and TV series!

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