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What to see from the movies on Saturday night: ”In still water” 2019


Today, everyone who can't make up their minds on what to watch from films at the weekend is advised to watch the movie “In Still Water” produced by Head Gear Films and Kreo Films FZ. It is not entirely clear why the figures from the Volga distribution company decided to rename the film, which in English is called “I See You”, that is, “I see you” in “In a still whirlpool,” but that doesn't matter. The main thing is that the thriller came out excellent.

Moreover, it was not spoiled even by Helen Hunt, who had noticeably aged face.

What is the film "In a still whirlpool" about

Not all the pictures that we recommend for viewing for those who cannot decide what to watch from the films are light comedies and melodramas. Sometimes, there is a desire to accept and something sharper. This is exactly the case.

From the beginning of the picture, we are introduced to the fact that a maniac who once hunted here has reappeared in the local district, whose specialization is kidnapping. What he then does with these children - corrupts, kills or simply makes him work - we are not told. But since the children have not been found after the disappearance, apparently, in this sense, everything is bad.

Let's take a look at the trailer right away.

It is clear that this is a thriller of pure water. A couple more kids disappear in the area and police detective Greg Harper is busy investigating. Large-scale searches are being organized, people are combing forests and fields, not missing a single meter of the earth's surface, but this has not yielded any results yet.

At the same time, the detective near the house is not all right. He finds out that his wife, played by Helen Hunt, cheated on him on the side with another man. The case is moving towards an inevitable divorce, which, among other things, is also realized by their 16-year-old son.


He tells his mother that she is to blame for everything. There is complete discord and confusion in the family. Plus, strange things happen in the house. Either the player and the TV turn on by themselves, then things are out of place, then the pantry doors close by themselves, not letting the owners out of there. Everything goes to the fact that some poltergeist has settled in the house.

But this is just a look from one side. When we start to show the action from the side of the "poltergeist" himself, who turned out to be simple froggers that break into other people's houses and live there for free for a short time, secretly from the owners, everything becomes much more interesting and understandable.

What's good and what's bad

As is usually the case in "maniac" thrillers, attackers manage to act in secret all the time. Someone else's kid walks with a video camera around the house when everyone is asleep, makes noise, moves furniture, does other garbage and people - if only henna.


Yes, the man may have been on pills, but when they shine a lantern right in your face and urinate on top of your body, you will still wake up.

Here everything and everyone always gets away with it, which seems at least slightly naive.

But these little things come to naught when the frogger storyline begins to unfold.


Little by little, truth begins to creep into the world, which in the end will hit the viewer in the head no worse than with a club.


What we advise our readers to watch from films does not always suit everyone. But this crime-detective thriller will go even to the most persistent fussy. For those who want to watch the picture right now, we advise you to follow the link below.

Watch "In a still whirlpool" (2019) online

And we say goodbye to you until next weekend. Enjoy watching, great New Year's mood and, as usual, more cool movies and TV series!

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