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What to see from the movies on Saturday night. Storm Boy 2019


This Saturday night we will chill out to the good family drama Storm Boy directed by Sean Smith, which rolled off the assembly line in 2019. It's not always for us to watch thrillers and action films, once we can check out a soulful movie.

The film is very touching and sentimental, so we warn especially suspicious people: you will have to cry.

The beginning of the movie

Maddie, the granddaughter of aged Michael Kingsley (suspiciously looking like Captain Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean), the founder of a mining company, is an ardent environmentalist. She opposes her father's decision to hand over the Pillsbury reserve lands to be torn apart by mining companies and asks her grandfather to influence his successor in some way.


Grandfather would not mind, but he is forced to answer his granddaughter the truth that everything is not so simple in this matter. That she, they say, is still young and does not understand the general picture, that he alone will not be able to influence the general voting of the board of directors.

But the granddaughter doesn't want to hear anything. In her hearts, she uttered hurtful words to her grandfather, after which he leaves, while recalling the events of bygone days.

Later, the granddaughter comes to her grandfather to apologize to him, and then the grandfather burst out. He begins his long story about his childhood, in which he had a wonderful friend - a pelican named "Mr. Percival".

People and Pelicans

While some were hunting for pelicans, others were trying to protect them with might and main, insisting that the local district be turned into a nature reserve. Until that happened, local hunters were shooting pelicans right and left with might and main.

One day little Michael (a grandpa in his youth), having become an unwitting witness of one such hunt, discovers with his friend - a local old man - a nest with three chicks belonging to a pelicanikha that had just been shot by hunters.


The boy takes the chicks home and, with the permission of his father, takes care of them. This was the beginning of the amazing events that later became the hallmark and heritage of the entire local area. Two of the chicks later, having learned to fly, left their "home nest", but the third, whom the boy nursed the longest, remained with his friend.

This was the start to a chain of further adventures.

People, take care of nature, your mother!

This is a film about friendship, devotion, love for our smaller brothers and the mistakes that many of us make in our youth. But, first of all, the creators, of course, wanted to hint at how soullessly we, at times, destroy the corners of the wild, which every year there are less and less. How we kill other creatures of God to please ourselves - our pocket or stomach.


It's a pity that such films are watched only by ordinary ordinary citizens. Those who are able to influence something in this sense do not care about such tapes. And in itself, finding them "at the helm" already speaks in favor of the fact that they are more "destroyers" than "creators".

But the more such films there are, the greater the possibility that righteous anger begins to flare up in the souls of ordinary citizens, in their mass scale capable of putting pressure on officials who do not care about "environmental" problems.


But films by themselves do not make the weather. In this regard, people make the weather that they are imbued with. Let us also contribute to this "weather", imbued with a picture about the friendship of a little boy and his friend - an intelligent and loyal pelican Mr. Percival.


For now, that's it. You can watch the movie for free here:

Watch Storm Boy 2019 Movie Online

Let's say goodbye until next week. Enjoy your viewing, good mood and, as always, more cool films and TV series!

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