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What to see from the movies on Saturday night. ”Shaft” (2019)


Saturday night again. There is a time to relax and watch some new film from those that were not shown in the cinema. And today we will watch the feature film of 2019 - "Shaft". Let's not look into Samuel L. Jackson's pocket to find out how much, how much Netflix paid him for starring in the second film about the famous problem solver, just check out the picture.

And she, we dare to assure you, is worth not to miss her.

Continuation or separate film?

Those who immediately exclaim: “Oh, come on! This is the first film of 2000 to be reviewed! ”, We will answer:“ Not necessarily. The plots of the films are not connected in any way. The sequel with the 2000 film of the same name has in common only, in fact, John Shaft, played here by Samuel L. Jackson.

Although, if you really revise, then you need to watch the very first picture of 1971 (also the same name), which was awarded an Oscar for the best soundtrack.

The performer of the main role - the role of John Schaft Sr. (allegedly - the father of John Schaft Jr., whom Samuel L. Jackson played in the next two sequels) - Richard Roundtree was awarded the Golden Globe as the best debutant of the year and "MTV Lifetime Achievement Awards.

What happened in the 2000 Shaft?

Let's not go into the details of the old 1971 movie. We will only touch on the previous one, where the main role is no longer with Richard Roundtree, but with Samuel D. Jackson. A detective (still a detective) of the Schaft police arrests the impudent goat (Christian Bale) who killed an innocent black guy in a bar.


But the court releases this papa's son to freedom for lack of evidence. We will not retell it in full, we will only say that after that, after all, Shaft became disillusioned with the police and, having quit, opened his own detective agency and made every effort to pin down the arrogant son of the moneybag.

His father, John Shaft Sr., the hero of the 1971 film, also partially flickers in the film.

What's the movie Shaft (2019) about?

The batching began even before the events of the 2000 painting. His wife and child left the still young John Schaft (Samuel L. Jackson), since living with him was simply life-threatening. The family and the kid got into a shootout, after which his wife's patience ran out.

Next are our days. Young (son of Jackson's hero) JJ has already grown up and works as an analyst in the FBI. He is struggling to stand out, but his boss will not let him “on the front line”. And then someone slammed his friend. And Shaft Jr. decides to investigate the murder himself.


But in the very first eatery, to which he was led by evidence, he rakes in full from local businessmen and, tail between his legs, decides to turn to his daddy, John Shaft Sr. Well, he, in his own manner, will quickly teach him wisdom.

And in this film, John Shaft, the eldest, also flashes, who is a grandfather to little JJ. Well, together, as you know, the family quickly figured it out.


The film is both a comedy and an action movie, so it will suit the widest audience. It lacks the muddled detective puzzles, so it looks easy. It will visit both those who have watched the prequels and those who have not watched them, the plots, as already mentioned, are in no way connected with each other.

Therefore - enjoy your viewing, great mood and, more of the same cool films and TV series!

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Author: Jake Pinkman