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What to see from the movies on Saturday night. Okcha (2017)


The hard work week is over again. And again there is time to watch some worthwhile film. Moreover, completely, without falling asleep in half. Not everyone hates going to the cinema. Some people prefer to watch movies in a cozy home environment, where no one rustles bags of chips or laughs like a horse.

And to watch, sitting comfortably on the sofa (or bed), today we will be a feature film "Okja" jointly produced by South Korea and the USA.

How it all began

In the near future, the Earth is facing a whole bunch of disasters, the main of which are food and environmental. This is where the Mirando corporation enters the main stage, whose scientists have bred in their gene laboratories a kind of pig that is easy to care for, and whose meat tastes superb, and this pig eats everything and defecates only with ecologically clean feces.

The most interesting thing is that this swinebot they bred grows in size from a small hippopotamus. And his snout is almost the same. Perhaps, the features are a little softer.

The company, in terms of advertising, distributes a number of swine bots for "education" to private farmers from all over the planet. Who, supposedly, will raise the most fat and well-groomed individual, some kind of prize awaits him. And, of course, they will invite you to New York to shoot a TV program.

How it continued

The Pigbot, who was sent to South Korea and about which we are talking, was raised by the girl Mi-Ja and her grandfather, who live as hermits in a remote highland region of the country. For Mi-Jah, the swine breeder, who was named Okchey, was the only friend.


We can say that over the years she has become a member of their family. And the grandfather claimed to his granddaughter that he bought Okchu from the corporation.

But at one point, corporate employees show up and take Okchu away. Moreover, they treat her badly. And the girl finds no other choice but to rush after and save her swine-bustling friend.

Liked and disliked

The film looks easy and casual. Yes, there are some naive moments in it, like, for example, with the rescue of the girl Okchi. The knowledge of a mammal in geometry and physics seemed very strong for the pig's brain, when she was looking at a plan of action.


You look straight ahead and feel how the convolutions move in the brain of the glorious Okchi. “So, there is a snag sticking out, I use it as such and such, but for everything to work out, you need to run so much along the edge, I weigh so much, and the girl - so much, and if everything works out, the girl will fly up so much. "

Yes, and a mammal with a huge weight when falling from such a height should receive injuries incompatible with life.


But what do we see? Okche - at least henna. But stepping on a hedgehog is a tragedy for her.


But, in general, the pros far outweigh the cons. Yes, the plot is slightly naive and sucked from the finger. But presented with a soul. And everything that is done slightly outside the box and with taste is always perceived with a bang. And therefore - enjoy your viewing. And in order not to strain with searches, here is a direct link to a resource where you can watch a movie online for free:

Okcha (2017)

All the best and see you next Saturday!

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