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What to see from the movies on Saturday night. ”Steel Country” (2018)


We continue to acquaint our readers with films that, for one reason or another, were not shown in cinemas in our country, but which are also very worth watching. So what to see from the movies this weekend? And this weekend we will be watching the English detective thriller "Steel Country" directed by Simon Fellows.


Donald is an ordinary scavenger. No, not the one who is picking in the garbage in search of something "good", but the one who works in the field of utilities, drives special equipment, into which he empties containers, those that citizens regularly fill with garbage.


The work is simple. But Donald is clearly missing something in life. Yes, and his head is not all right. The main character clearly has some kind of nervous illness, but, with all this, this fact does not prevent him from being a good citizen. After all, when a boy's body is found in the river near his route, only he notices some inconsistencies with the version of the accident. Moreover, he starts his own investigation.

The police decide to put the brakes on this case, and the suspicion immediately creeps in that one of the local policemen is involved. And whether it is true or not, we learn from the film itself.

Why the movie is good

Despite the fact that the actors involved in the film are completely unfamiliar to the wide audience, they play perfectly. The plot is also solid. The characters of the heroes are perfectly revealed, there are no logical inconsistencies at all.


Also, the idea that a person "with help", in theory, everything is according to FIG. If anything, he can always wave this "certificate" in front of the judge. Therefore, you can expect anything from such a morally unstable.

His work partner deserves a separate plus. There are times when you can't dismiss a single help. And then a combat partner with a pistol in her hand is a very important help.


This is, in general, all that we can tell you. More - it will already be a spoiler. Just watch the movie. It looks easy and leaves only positive feelings after viewing.

The picture has a rating of 6.3 onKinoPoisk, which is very good for a detective thriller, and you can watch a movie online for free here:

Steel Country (2018)

Everyone interested - have a nice viewing!

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Author: Jake Pinkman