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What to see from the movies on Saturday night: ”Summer 84” (2018)


This Saturday everyone who can't make up their minds on what to watch from the films, we recommend staying on last year's detective thriller "Summer 84". The annotation says that it is also a horror movie, but if there are horrors here, then they are quite down-to-earth and based only on tense moments in the style of "now burning", and not on frames of violence and fanaticism.

Relaxing to such a movie is unlikely to come out, but what will be interesting - we guarantee it.

What is the film "Summer 84" about

It is not entirely clear what time the narrator is at the moment, but he is talking about himself, about the time when he was still a 15-year-old teenager. In 1984, teenage children began to disappear in the town of Cale May, where he then lived. By all accounts, it was clear that this was the work of some serial maniac, which the police later admitted to. It was also announced on TV that the maniac is most likely a white and single middle-aged man.


The teenager's name is Davey. He moonlights by delivering newspapers on vacation. And once he notices that one of his neighbors - Police Lieutenant Wayne McKee - arouses some vague suspicion in him. In addition, he has the impression that in one of the windows he noticed the silhouette of a teenager.


McKee is lonely, white, everything seems to fit. Plus, he constantly makes suspicious purchases at the hardware store. Davey decides to start spying on the policeman, and three of his friends help him in this.

Further developments

At first glance, the film is banal, and its plot is cliched to the point of impossibility. But this is only at the beginning. The third part of the picture will give the audience a very pleasant surprise. Started as an ordinary simple teenage film, the story in the final part sharply turns into the category of serious adult films in which the ending is very unpredictable.

Let's watch the trailer.

By all accounts, the film will be exciting and will not let the viewer go until the very end.

Pros and cons of painting

First of all, about the pros. Yes, the plot is somewhat banal, a gang of guys is watching an adult whom they suspect of dark deeds. Sometimes their spy games are teetering on the brink of a foul, and there is a certain intrigue in this. But while watching it one gets the feeling that we have already seen all this before.


But the further the plot develops, the more unpredictable the ending becomes. And the finale, to be honest, turned out to be quite peculiar. Provides cause for thought.

What didn't you like? In general, there are no special complaints, and all the minor flaws in the conclusion of the picture completely fade in the light of its unexpected ending.


If you are still puzzling over the question of what to watch from the movies this weekend, feel free to follow the link below. The choice will not disappoint you.

Watch the movie "Summer 84" online

We wish you a pleasant viewing and excellent mood. And, as always, more awesome movies and TV shows!

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