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All The Outer Worlds Endings: How To Get The Good, The Bad And Secret Ending


The new RPG The Outer Worlds from veterans of the genre from Obsidian Entertainment honors the tradition of the genre and offers a lot of fateful choices throughout the campaign. Some decisions will come back to haunt you during the passage of the game, you will learn about the consequences of others only after the finale, but still others will directly affect the endings of The Outer Worlds. We warn you right away that with all the desire you will not be able to get all the endings in one playthrough. That is why our guide to The Outer Worlds will be useful primarily for those who want to see alternative endings of the game.

How to get a good ending for The Outer Worlds

First, it is worth deciding on your attitude to Fenias (the same scientist who freed the player from cryosleep). If the personality of Fenias and his ideology appeals to you and you want to see the best ending, then willingly agree with him, complete all his tasks and after finding the chemical on the Monarch, you will receive the "Unforgotten Mystery" quest. A little later we arrive at the Tartarus space prison and head to Rockwell. Of course, there are dozens of dummies blocking the way to it, so you have to get your hands dirty.

Having reached the chairman, we apply our speaking skills and force him to join you. You can achieve your goal through persuasion, intimidation, or lying. Just keep in mind that each of the answer options will be active only if you level up the required speaking skill to 80.

After talking with Rockwell, we go to the next room to Sofia Akande, who is holding Fenias hostage. As before in the Outer Worlds game, you can do without fighting in this situation if your character has the necessary characteristics. The most obvious way is to apply a persuasion, but it should be pumped to the maximum. The second way is to use the "Charm" perk and again avoid the fight with Sofia. And the third option is to intimidate a woman, but on condition that intimidation is pumped by 80 points along with the skills of using heavy and two-handed melee weapons by 50 points.

Good ending for The Outer Worlds

But even if you could not agree peacefully, nothing prevents you from getting the best ending for The Outer Worlds. In case of an unsuccessful dialogue, Akande will set a giant robot on you and, having disassembled it for parts, follow Sophia. Don't expect her to greet you with open arms, so pacify her with an aimed shot to the head, free Fenias, and begin the final dialogue.

As it turned out, the Earth is no longer suitable for life and the only place where people can live in the world of The Outer Worlds is Galikon, and therefore they will have to wake up the colonists and breathe life into a new home for all of humanity. And again, it will not do without elections - you can either become the head of the colonists yourself or assign the duties of a ruler to Rockwell. That's all - you have reached the best ending for The Outer Worlds, you can relax and, by analogy with the Fallout series, watch on the slides the consequences of many of your decisions.

How to get The Outer Worlds Bad Ending

Don't you like Fenias? It's okay, the game takes into account this option, just don't expect to see a good ending. We answer all the requests of the scientist in the negative and do not forget to betray Fenias in the dialogue with Oud Bedford in the "Pioneer". Now Sofia Akande will become your main ally and on her behalf in this ending you will need to go to Tartarus. Since Rockwell is no longer alive, the scientist will have to fight his way through the crowds of angry criminals, whom Fenias released in advance. But no matter how hard the scientist tried, his pessimistic ending in The Outer Worlds is already a foregone conclusion.

Having met Fenias, you can remind him of all the black pages of his biography and bring him to suicide. In this case, you will have to fight a robot called "Tyrant". If attempts to put pressure on Fenias' sore spots are unsuccessful, you will first have to deal with the robot, and then send the scientist to the next world. In any case, your actions led to a bad ending for The Outer Worlds: a new Eden for humanity is not destined to come true, and the despotic dictatorship of the council will only intensify.

Bad Ending The Outer Worlds

How to get the secret ending of The Outer Worlds

Finally, we got to the alternative ending, for which your character must have an intelligence of 4 points or less. The ending report begins with the mission "Unforgotten Mystery", where you will have the opportunity to visit the ship "Hope". The easiest option is to talk to the guard near the ship and, with the proper persuasion skills, climb aboard the Nadezhda. Depending on your choices earlier, the ship's crew may treat you differently, so if you take the Council's path, you can easily make your way to the Nadezhda control room.

Having found the console, you have to set the final direction for the ship's route. There are two options - either to Fenias or to Tartarus, but there is a third option for the mentally retarded protagonist. Yes, that's right, I hope you haven't forgotten that you are playing a game from the original Fallout creators? With a low level of intelligence, new dialogue options appear, and it is on Hope that stupidity can lead to the last ending of The Outer Worlds, which can be called not just secret, but probably even worse. The third option where the ship can be delivered is straight to the Sun. Why not actually? Just keep in mind that along with the reliable one, the main character will also burn out, so the credits will begin and no one will show you in a series of slides the consequences of decisions made during the passage of The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds Secret Ending

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