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10 tips for getting started in The Outer Worlds


While Bethesda is drowning miserably and punching ever greater levels of the bottom with its Fallout 76, Obsidian is reaping the rewards of the glorious The Outer Worlds. If you decide to play this space dystopia, then you have made a choice towards a great pastime. The game is quite large and complex, so before you start some things may confuse you. For example, when I played in the same New Vegas, I misunderstood some things and did not go through the game quite the way I wanted. With the new game from Obsidian, there are also such moments. We have compiled a guide to The Outer Worlds, or rather, collected 10 tips to help you at the very beginning of the game, making the introduction easier.

Improve your hacking skill from the beginning

The question of pumping skills in Obsidian games has always caused me a lot of questions, because I did not know what lay ahead and what was better to develop. Going through the first Fallout [although it was created by Black Isle, the main developers were the same], I regretted that I had not pumped up the hacking skill, and who knew that after 22 years exactly the same thing would happen, but in a different game. Remember, lock picking and hacking are two skills that need to be pumped from the very beginning. By doing this, you will greatly facilitate your passage.

By pumping the hack, you can open different cabinets with a bunch of cool loot inside, which means that you will not be deprived of good weapons and armor from the early stages. In addition, having pumped your lockpicking skill to level 20, you can open simple level locks without picks.


And by pumping hacking to level 20, you will be able to sell loot in any vending machine. So you can earn and practically not spend money on purchases. Also, hacking will help to avoid conflicts and, for example, disable automatic security in the premises.

Explore everything you can

While pumping two skills from the past to tips, you should also concentrate on finding loot, and there is a lot of it in every location. Explore everything you can and so you will not only fill your wallet, but also find a lot of useful things. Every drawer, table, corpse or trash can can contain something cool. Therefore, leaving the location, examine it properly, and you will understand how useful it is.

Improve your eloquence

By pumping your eloquence, you will open up new branches of dialogue that allow you to control the entire gameplay. Starting from the fact that you will be able to complete quests without conflicts at all, ending with the fact that they will be afraid of you and will not even think to attack.

Increasing lies, persuasion and intimidation are three keys to the pacifist path. For example, having pumped the same intimidation, some creatures or enemies will be scared of you and will attack only if you do not start the carnage yourself. The rest of the skills are always useful for getting more profit when completing quests


You have several options for completing missions

To complete any quest, you are not required to have a specific passing style. You are always free to perform them depending on what skills you have pumped. The game rather pushes you to use all your strengths to solve problems, and if it seems that you have no other way besides violence, just look at how you can do otherwise. There is nothing in The Outer Worlds that if you have not pumped, for example, intelligence, then you will not be able to complete the story quest. You are not missing a piece of content, but looking for ways to get it in different ways.

Always look for clues

But even to play the game the way you want, you need a little time. To understand how best to go through this or that quest, find an item or something else, you will be helped by hints. Read notebooks, chat with people, find notes on computers, you will be surprised how much useful information you can find and make it easier for yourself to pass.

Don't be afraid to make tough choices

In the game, you often have to make various difficult choices, for example, which city to save and which one to leave to their fate. It may seem that the consequences will be inevitable and, for example, several characters will die who can give you information or quests. But everything is not as straightforward as it might seem. Important NPCs will simply be moved to a different location.

Yes, there will be consequences from your choice, but The Outer Worlds gives you the opportunity to correct them, correlating the further plot so that you do not feel that having made this or that choice, you have lost your further passage. The game will adapt to your choice, so do not hesitate and do everything as you see fit.

Use Fast Travel

In The Outer Worlds, all the items that you have collected do not respawn, so it makes no sense for you to return to this or that location if you have already ransacked it. There is no point in walking on already trodden paths, so feel free to use fast travel to save yourself time.


Control the weight of your inventory

Everything is simple here, when your inventory is full, you will not be able to run or use fast travel. And when this happens, and this will happen, believe me, it will not be sweet, because no one likes to throw out loot. Alternatively, you can disassemble your weapon or armor into its component parts, which you use as additional. Another option is to purchase the Pack Mule perk, which will increase the volume of your inventory, or the Travler, which gives you the ability to travel fast travel even when overloaded.

And as a classic, sell all your junk to lighten your inventory and fill your wallet.

Swing your weapon and choose the right armor

Exploring every nook and cranny of the level, looting any corpse, very quickly you will find a lot of cool weapons and armor, different materials or improvements. The best bet is to always upgrade your weapon.


When you find it, you only need money to level up your gear. You can install, remove or change any modifications at any time.

As for the choice of weapons and armor, then choosing the first - look at its type and the damage it does. Armor should be chosen according to its protective characteristics, as well as by weight. Although in many ways, your taste also plays an important role. She not only protects you, but also affects your characteristics. So, heavy armor reduces the stealth skill. But in addition to the limitation, it also gives bonuses to skills. Wearing something flashy will increase your leadership. It is possible to put various modifications on the armor, increasing its carrying capacity or the amount of damage.


Don't forget to change your clothes, because heavy combat armor is unlikely to impress, but an elegant suit will help when dealing with bigwigs. Everything is like in life.

Make sure that your partners' weapons and armor are also always pumped, for this will help both them and you.

Partners influence your skills

Speaking of partners, they are more than dummies who run after you. They can increase your group skills by a few points. So, some buddies can increase your level of cracking and hacking. Add to that that each teammate has a special perk that gives an even greater bonus to skills.

Properly selected and equipped companions can greatly facilitate your passage.

We hope this little guide to The Outer Worlds will help you through the game. Also read our guide on how to complete The Outer Worlds for a good, bad, and secret ending.

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Author: Jake Pinkman