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The recent announcement of The Outer Worlds


The recent announcement of The Outer Worlds is not only one of the best moments of The Game Awards 2018 and a festive occasion for RPG fans, but also another chance for Obsidian to create the RPG of his dreams. Before publisher Take-Two financial aid, the developers spent a long time hatching the concept of a fantastic role-playing game, polishing it and thinking over the details of the game universe with manic meticulousness. And now, when several years of active development of The Outer Worlds are behind, Obsidian employees promised that if you liked the past games of the studio, then you will be delighted with The Outer Worlds.

Obsidian Senior Producer Matthew Singh told for more details on what to expect from the game:

“I think every gamer who has enjoyed our previous projects will really love the world of The Outer Worlds. Singh declared. “This is what our fans expect from us and what we can achieve with Tim Caney and Leonard Boyarka, who are leading the development of the game. Thanks to Take-Two's investment, we will finally be able to create the project that we have dreamed of for a long time, so if you like our previous games, then you will definitely love The Outer Worlds. "

Matthew Singh's words were also backed by Lead Game Designer Charles Staples, adding that Obsidian uses decades of experience in the gaming industry to develop The Outer Worlds to create a first-class single-player RPG game.

The Outer Worlds

This enthusiasm is certainly inspiring and makes us look forward to The Outer Worlds even more. When will it take place? Tentatively in 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, PC. In the meantime, you are waiting for the release of the game, we suggest you check out the top 10 RPGs of all time.

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Author: Jake Pinkman