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Epic Games Store Conquers the World with New Exclusive Games and First Sales Cases


When Epic Games decided late last year to create its own online store and compete with Steam, few people really took the Epic Games Store seriously. But, as it turned out, an aggressive policy with the purchase of temporary exclusives and a low percentage of sales for developers have borne fruit, and therefore we can confidently say that the Epic Game Store is conquering the world and becoming a full-fledged competitor to Steam. The most eloquent testimony to Epic Games' success and serious intentions is yesterday's presentation of Epic Games at GDC 2019 with the announcement of new exclusives and the first sales summary of Metro Exodus The Division 2.

The biggest news is that unexpectedly Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, and especially last year's Detroit Become Human are coming to PC with a temporary Epic Games Store exclusive. Sony's decision caused a flurry of discontent in the community of Playstation fans, because in this way the famous phrase "Only on Playstation" on Sony products is completely leveled and a natural question arises about the advisability of buying future Sony games on consoles.

It is important to note that Heavy Rain, Beyond Two and Detroit Become Human will appear in other stores on PC a year after the release in EGS, Sony acts as the publisher of the games, and at the same time we still So far, we have not heard any comments on this situation from representatives of the Japanese media giant.

In addition to the 3 above Sony games, the following projects will be released on the Epic Games Store as a temporary exclusivity:

  • Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey
  • Control
  • The Sinking City
  • Spellbreak
  • Soul Ash
  • Industries of Titan
  • Journey to the Savage Planet
  • Phoenix Planet
  • The Cycle
  • Kine
  • Dauntless
  • The Outer Worlds

Separately, it should be said about a new role-playing game in a fantastic setting from the creators of the original Fallout dilogy - The Outer Worlds. The RPG, published by Take-Two, will appear in the Windows Store along with the Epic Games Store, and then, in late 2020, the game can be expected on Steam. Interesting here is the publisher of the game itself, who is responsible for the release of another upcoming game - Borderlands 3. The game has not been announced at the moment, but according to numerous rumors, the presentation of the project will take place at PAX East 2019 at the end of March and we will not be surprised if the project is also included in List of temporary Epic Games Store exclusives on PC. Especially considering the recent statements by Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford.

In addition to the announcement of new games, Epic Store boasted sales figures for the first major temporary exclusives for the Epic Games Store.

Metro Exodus Epic games Store

The scandalous launch of Metro Exodus didn't stop the game from selling 2.5x better on EGS than Metro Last Light in the same time period on Steam.

The division 2 Epic games Store

Ubisoft reported successful sales of The Division 2, which were pleased with the cooperation with the Epic Game Store and therefore plans to release more PC versions of games in the Epic Games store in the future. In addition, it is reported that in the near future some of the major releases of Ubisoft will appear in a free distribution on the open spaces of EGS.

For all the Epic Game Store's many shortcomings, it is clear that Valve is facing tough times and Gabe Newell's studio needs to leave their comfort zone and take decisive action. A start has already been made - last year it became known that Valve had started developing games again.

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Author: Jake Pinkman