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Borderlands 3 May Add Epic Games Store Exclusives


The closer the date of PAX East, which is scheduled to start on March 29, the more often rumors about the upcoming announcement of Borderlands 3 appear on the Internet. For example, recently the head of the Gearbox studio Randy Peet indirectly confirmed the development of Borderlands 3, and in this time he stirred up the gaming community with several more posts on his own twitter account. As it turned out, Randy Pitchford stands up for the Epic Games Store and sincerely does not understand what the series of scandals around exclusive games for the main competitor Steam is about. So we won't be too surprised if Borderlands 3 comes to PC in an exclusive version for the Epic Games store.

The story began with a tweet in which Randy Pitchford supported the launch of Epic Games into the online gaming industry.

I'm incredibly happy to support the Epic Games Store!

After this post, the head of Gearbox was expected to receive an avalanche of questions from fans of the company's games. So in the next tweet, Randy Pitchford elaborated on why he made a positive statement towards Epic Games.

Today I received a lot of questions about my post. To clarify a little, our friends at Epic are great people who care about the health of our industry and the importance of both small and large game developers. Their leadership in this regard is fully deserved and welcomed in every possible way.

Of course, due to a series of scandals, when Metro Exodus left Steam, and the tactical strategy Phoenix Point exchanged Gabe Newwell's platform for the Epic Games Store, Randy Pitchford's statement was accepted by some players with caution. Will the new Gearbox games be at least temporary but exclusive to the Epic Games store? Randy did not answer this question directly, but personally he does not see a problem in having several launchers at once for launching and buying games.

What's wrong with Epic Games Store exclusivity? A PC is a PC, and who really cares where to buy games from? I'm just curious to know your opinion. I use several shops at once on my PC.

Of course, one cannot be absolutely sure that the same Borderlands 3 will replenish the library of Epic Games Store exclusives. Randy Pitchford's comments do not necessarily reflect the views of all the developers at Gearbox, and the publisher, in this case Take-Two, is primarily responsible for the game's distribution policy. But the reasoning of the Gearbox founder is at least curious and judging by the latest news, we will be able to find out in the near future which store the game will be presented on the PC using Borderlands 3 as an example.

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Author: Jake Pinkman