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Goodbye Steam: Metro Exodus Coming To Epic Game Store


The Epic Game Store continues to wage war for PC gamers with Steam, and this time enlisted the support of heavy artillery. Today, the official publisher Metro Exodus announced that the game is becoming a full-fledged exclusive for the Epic Game Store and starting on the 29th, the new Metro will no longer be available for purchase on Steam.

The publisher's decision was dictated only by financial considerations. For a better understanding, here is a quote from the executive director of Deep Silver, Clemens Kundratis:

"Epic's generous partnership is a great opportunity for game developers to increase their investment in their own projects, and for gamers to save money on game purchases. We will be able to invest even more resources in Metro development and collaboration with Epic. with 4A Games, which will be a definite boon for fans of games from Ukrainian developers. "

Recall that, unlike Gabe Newell's electronic store, the Epic Game Store takes not 30, but only 12 percent of the profit from each copy of the game sold. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in Deep Silver's desire to cooperate with Epic Games. But how much it really makes sense to remove the game from Steam while the Epic store cannot boast of both an audience of the level of Valve's store, and an equally user-friendly interface and an abundance of functions, we will find out after the release of Metro Exodus.

Metro Exodus becomes an Epic game Store exclusive

Valve also admits a rather delicate situation, which published an official message on the game's pages on Steam:

We believe that the decision to remove the game from Steam was unfair to fans of the Metro series, especially given the long pre-sale period. We apologize to all Steam customers who expected the game to be available in the online store prior to the release date. But we ourselves only recently learned about the Deep Silver decision and received a limited time limit to have time to tell the news to all players.

Note that Epic has agreed only to temporarily exclude Metro Exodus, and the game will be available in the Valve store a year after the official release date - February 15, 2020. If gamers managed to buy Metro Exodus on Steam, then they will not have to install the Epic Game Store and will continue to receive all updates for the game on Steam.

The game can be purchased from the Epic Game Store today for a price of 1999 rubles for the standard edition.

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Author: Jake Pinkman