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All Far Cry New Dawn Endings - The Good, the Bad and the Consequences of Endings


The post-apocalyptic shooter Far Cry New Dawn continues the tradition of the series and offers several endings at once, which depend on the player's actions. And even if there was no secret ending in Far Cry New Dawn, the developers compensated for this shortcoming with a small innovation - for the first time in the series, you will be able to see the consequences of the decisions made in the final of the game. Therefore, today we will talk not only about how to get a bad and good ending in Far Cry New Dawn, but also dwell on post-game content in more detail.

We warn you right away - there will be spoilers in the text and if you have just started playing Far Cry New Dawn or are still thinking about buying a game, then we suggest that you read the article where we consider the main features of the new shooter from Ubisoft.

Let's dot the "and": the final cutscene in the game is identical for each player, regardless of the decisions made. The game also does not have a clear division into a good or bad ending, there is only a choice: which of the two main antagonists to kill in the last chapter. For a good ending, we will take the scenario where you show mercy to your enemies, for a bad one, on the contrary, killing your enemies.

How to get a good ending in Far Cry New Dawn

In the final chapter, we have to meet face to face with the twins who terrorized the residents of Hope County. One of the sisters dies in any case, but Mickey survives and only we have to choose her future fate. If you let her go, then she promises never to return. And she keeps her promise, because if the player after the final of the game comes to the place of the last meeting with Mickey, he will find a helmet with a note where it is written that she is heading east in search of her lost mother.

After deciding the fate of the twins in the ending of Far Cry New Dawn, we come to a meeting with Joseph and his son Ethan. In a short cutscene, we see Ethan disobey his father and eat the poisoned fruit from a pink apple tree. The further development of events rather resembles a surreal picture: Ethan was possessed by "sin" and he turns into a monster. Be warned that this is the hardest boss in the game. Having finished with Ethan, we find ourselves again near the pink apple tree and must determine the further fate of Joseph.

Far Cry New Dawn good ending

The founder of the "Gates of Eden" does not even resist, he repents of his own actions, sets fire to a tree and asks the player for release. "Freedom" in Yosif's understanding is a shot in his chest. If we spare Joseph in the final of the game, then, unfortunately, we did not manage to find him or even small signs of his existence, as in the case of Mickey, after the end of the game. He seemed to have disappeared, but we do not exclude that somewhere in the open world of the game, the developers have hidden an Easter egg associated with the future location of Yosif.

How to get a bad ending in Far Cry New Dawn

To see the negative ending, we do not spare the antagonist and reward Mickey and Joseph with a bullet for their previous misdeeds, but you will not see the consequences of your decisions after the game finale.

Far Cry New Dawn Bad Ending

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