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Far Cry New Dawn First 4K Gameplay and Trailer, Game Details and Fan Fears


Ubisoft decided not to torment fans of the Far Cry series with the expectation of a new part of the franchise and announced Far Cry New Dawn. Together with the announcement of the game, the developers published the first trailer, presented the gameplay in 4K resolution and shared the details of the first ever Far Cry in a post-apocalyptic setting. We also note that numerous fans of the series were, to put it mildly, not enthusiastic about the new work of Ubisoft.

Far Cry New Dawn First Trailer

The video demonstrates the usual bacchanalia of the series with a dozen explosions per square meter, the main antagonists in the person of twin sisters Mickey and Joe and unusually colorful landscapes. The last point looks somewhat strange in the context of the fact that the action of the game Far Cry New Dawn takes place after the endings of Far Cry 5. Before us is the same surroundings of provincial North America, which after the fall of nuclear missiles did not turn into a lifeless wasteland, as in the Fallout series, but on the contrary, it blossomed and makes you go blind from the riot of colors.

The developers explained such a rich nature as such a phenomenon as super bloom, when there is a period of rapid flowering of vegetation in deserts. At the same time, the nuclear apocalypse was not in vain for the United States and in the world of the game Far Cry New Dawn you can find mutant animals. Analogs of ghouls or Deathclaws have not yet been seen and it remains to be content only with giant mutated animals. But who knows what secrets the developers have prepared for gamers in their version of the post-apocalypse.

Learn more about the game's world and what's new in the two Far Cry New Dawn 4K gameplay videos.

USGamer's Far Cry New Dawn Gameplay

Far Cry New Dawn Gameplay by Gamespot:

And another video that tells what happened to one of the most important characters in far Cry 5 - the dog Boomer:

In a short interview with one of the gaming publications, the game's writer spoke in detail about the main villains of Far Cry New Dawn. Twins Mickey and Joe, as it should be in the series, are real psychos and live only one day. They pursue the philosophy of survival and the "right of the strong", which means they will not shun any methods in an attempt to take what they want. And another interesting fact that best shows the unstable psyche of the twins: in order to seize power in the Highwayman gang, they brutally dealt with their own father.

The gameplay of Far Cry New Dawn, as you may have noticed in the cutscenes above, will be very similar to that of the previous part of the series. Among the changes, we can only mention the next checkpoints, which, when captured, can become a point for fast movement for the game. If you wish, you can even exchange the captured checkpoint for money and supplies from the bandits. True, then you will have to capture them again, but with one difference - the defense of the location will noticeably increase.

Other changes in the game are in line with current trends. Like in Fallout 4, you have to spend hours on the fly assembling loot, crafting items and building your own buildings.

Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn launches on April 15, 2019. It was the quick release of the game, the minimum number of changes compared to the previous releases in the series, the colorful style with an abundance of pink flowers and the presence of two African-American women on the art of the game that caused mixed emotions among the fans of the series. Under the gameplay trailers, the number of likes was almost equal to dislikes, and in the comments users do not hesitate to use strong expressions addressed to Ubisoft and call New Dawn a “reskin of FarCry 5”.

In such a situation, the decision of the developers to sell the game at a reduced price tag of $ 40 is encouraging, emphasizing that New Dawn should be perceived as an addon, and not a full-fledged game in the series.

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